Saturday , February 4 2023

The Compagnie Sucrière en Danger


The situation is more worrying than ever in the factory of the Senegalese Sekwetti Company & # 39; Richard Toll.
In the sugar capital, workers gathered together in & # 39; various trade unions rose to denounce with the latest energy incomprehensible attitude of the Minister of Trade showed their trust by issuing licenses to import sugar to 70,000 tons.
During a general meeting & # 39; awareness and information, the College of Delegates, the Friends of Women Workers and people of the sugar city rose to say no to this unpopular decision of the Minister Alioune wrapping.
Faced with the press, Makhary Samb poker alias, General Secretary of the CNTS section of the CSS, said that 6,500 jobs are threatened & # 39; that of the Minister of Trade decision. And Mr. Samb to continue to authorize public that if imports & # 39; 70,000 tons & # 39; sugar, within 7 months the company can & # 39; have serious problems to cope with. That is why he invited people to mobilize to stop this economic diversion.
In the presence of & # 39; official factory, the general secretary of the CNTS section CSS, suggested that big, with the complicity of & # 39; some officials, trying to change in our country & # 39; suke, and throw workers insecurity.
F & # 39; this regard, further, the coalition & # 39; trade union centers (Section ss), made Cnts, Unsa, Cnts / Fc, CSA and Udts, necessary and appropriate to protect and support Jobs.
While it took the floor, Louis Lamotte, drew the attention of the authorities on the catastrophic economic situation prevailing in the northern region.
In the opinion of Mr. Lamotte, it is imperative to mobilize all energies to solve these problems and to help Macky Sall President, who has a special interest in agriculture and employment, to perform the mission. to devolve it, consisting & # 39; that Senegal is an emerging country.

This collective whole, supported by women's associations, breeders, the heads & # 39; villages bordering with CSS, delegates of city districts & # 39; Richard Toll decided to mark Saturday following to denounce import & # 39; 70,000 tonnes Peril put many thousands of lives & # 39; & # 39 people in; Walo.

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