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Call Sales 2018, concert & # 39; charity for needy families


Slovenska Caritas together with & # 39; RTV Slovenia is organizing the concert 28 & # 39; KLIC DOBROTE traditional charity, which will be held on Wednesday, 28 & # 39; November 2017 at 20.00 in the Hall Golovec f & # 39; Celje. The concert & # 39; this year will be held under the motto "Youth of the wisdom roots" and will be broadcast by TV Slovenija, the radio program Radio Slovenia I. Ognjišče. Every year, the event attracts many visitors Caritas to help raise funds needed to alleviate the agony of the poorest families in Slovenia.

Many artists, singers, dancers and other performers will be convinced of the Slovenian public with their voluntary performance this year. They will ride on the hearts of hearts and bring the most beautiful homes in the Slovenian families in need.

In concert charity, the Orquestra Tamburitza Dobrek will be accompanied by Andreja Zakonjšek Krt, Limestone Senk, Eva Černe, Klemen Torkar, Matjaž Stopinšek, Nuška Drašček, Nina Strnad, Anika Horvat, Marian Mlinar, Luka Sešek, Marko Vozelj, Gregor Ravnik, Gašper Rifelj, Andrej Jerman, Matjaž Mrak, Kvartet GRM, Oktet Žetev and Vocal Group KRIL.

Scenario MSG. Franci Trstenjak and directed by Tomaž Švigelj.

The charity concert also includes many people who are implementing the password & # 39; this year Tedna Caritas' Young Roots of Knowledge ". At the same event and the preparations for more than 40 young volunteers from Mlada Caritas, from Celje and local scouts Secondary School.

In studio in & # 39; Ljubljana, the phones will be submerged by 71 volunteers, scouts and volunteers from Caritas Mlada. Many have been involved for many years, as Benjamin (22), said: "On Call Goodness I met as a volunteer for many years. I participate in monitoring & # 39; artists, preparation of the hall and the scene. I'm great because I can & # 39; I give some of my free time and b & # 39; this way I help people in need. "

It will also be evening & # 39; good thoughts will join the leaders & # 39; Ida BAS, Danica Sešek Jure Godec and in the studio & # 39; Ljubljana will speak magħna.Romaana Kocjančič.
In 2017, during the concert for families in need, collected EUR 157,499.00. With funds raised during the concert and actions accompanying the Sales Call, material aid is received more than 20,000 families each year throughout Slovenia.

The audience will be involved with & # 39; actively in action during the live broadcast concert at & # 39; television and radio with & # 39; phone donation. You & # 39; help someone to help alleviate the problems and your problems and get a chance to live a more valuable person. With concert we show the hardships many families and thank all individuals and families for their solidarity.

remittance data for TRR:
Slovenian Caritas, Kristanova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, TRR: SI56 02140-0015556761
Purpose: Call & # 39; goodness – helping families
Reference: 00 3514
Objective Code: CHAR

Our request of all people & # 39; good heart is to help us along.

Slovenian Caritas

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