Thursday , June 24 2021

Friday at stars

Things will change in the past, and it will become clear to our faults, we have to do to analyze so we will not nirrepetuhom again. The time shooters will jġibna winter temperatures. We joined & # 39; subconscious experiences and remember things that worked once again and are now rising. Can & # 39; also lead to intuitive thinking and imaginative world. This is because the shooter is a mystical sign, half energized, and people born which summarizes its properties and almost never know the statement that something is impossible. This nature of & # 39; the shot will attend for everyone in & # 39; this wonderful period, which will jissodisfawna b & # 39; new energy.
Towards the weekend, Venus again & # 39; is opposed to Uranus, you can & # 39; bring conflicts or finance projects on the surface, because Merkur is retrograde. This will be mostly reflected in family life. Of course this does not apply to people who knowingly solve all the challenges, because this aspect gives a clear overview of the changes you need to make in the field of finance.
Falling moon and Retrograde Merkur help us realize all the objectives which investejt energy September. There are positive week for us, where the rest should be placed before work, because only in & # 39; & # 39 moments, serenity you can & # 39; get the right information and socialization will be with & # 39; easy way.
In heaven, the major planets will meet in conjunction this week. These aspects are called Kazim, which means that the planet shines with & # 39; dual power, which will ġġibna extremely important information. The insights will be very stressed, on Monday called the Sun and Jupiter Kazim, who brings a lot of growth and support. F & # 39; this regard, the week will be really satisfied. I again & # 39; warns that during the Mercury retrograde taking any new steps, to sign new contracts, but only things that are being rearranged. Because Venus is direct, it's time for new energies glorify relationships and connect deeper.
Tuesday will be an important day, because there will be two aspects aspect, the Sun and Jupiter and Merkur retro. The outstanding energy leave you talk about important things, not just tell what & # 39; you have made. The day will bring support, to grab the opportunities offered to you.
Enjoy beautiful days, and being happy moments. Only the last stop of the moon on Friday will be quite dynamic, the emotional field that arises again, it acts & # 39; a different way than usual, so it makes step & # 39; hereinafter in personal life.

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