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Glass and cover the phone are a better choice than insurance!


I bought a new mobile phone you chose long, drawn a few hundred & # 39; pounds for this, collected information from all friends and read full & # 39; opinions & # 39; experts finally found the best option for you. But you forget something, something that is extremely important? Yes, you're right, I think exactly about protection.

If you bought a new mobile phone, then it is certainly right to take care, for example, by telephone coating, toughened glass or Etu. Still can & # 39; be very careful, place it carefully, and then you'll forget in a hurry to have a phone in your pocket, would fall & # 39; from your pocket all due haste, almost as a rule, only on the edge and straight to the pebble. Nothing will help you if you just look at what he did everything. The external damage is usually the smallest problem. You know that mobile phones are like small laptops, but jimmaġinax you fall & # 39; on earth? So, when you buy a new phone, you should also ensure that it is protected. Phone cover b & # 39; toughened protective glass are the best option.

Why still phone covers if your phone already has security?

It is often a matter of & # 39; hearing the question said they bought a phone that already has the necessary protection that is robust which is made of a material, to prevent damage immediately, is made of gorilla glass, etc. Have you ever seen the staging tests and how bad they struggle phones? One meter is enough for your iPhone, which is supposed to have a good glass and hand & # 39; later, to cut & # 39; well, the glass is completely sprayed like a spider web, and the phone m & # 39; obsolete. But changing the glass, be careful, it is not possible for some manufacturers, or you & # 39; re glass costing almost as a new phone. Therefore, iPhone covers are also essential, as well as Huawei and covers Samsung covers.

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Injuries are clear

Considering that the vast majority of cases occur following injuries: the screen scratches, the effluent, which comes & # 39; on the floor and even on the stairs, and very interesting, but really, 20% of the wounds made at the expense of these are injuries that can be "fatal" for your phone.

So, when you buy a new phone, do not hesitate to buy any security, but get advance or later when you buy your phone.

For you, we briefly survey x & # 39; type & # 39; protection is the best, so let's look at the results.

telephone cables are only good b & # 39; protective glass

Smartslam | Author: Smartslam


As we know that the new phones need to be protected on both ends, rear and front, it is clear that the phone just does not provide adequate protection. The phone covers are suitable for the side edges and at the back, while the screen remains & # 39; completely unprotected. To protect the screen, you should also choose tempered glass – do not choose the foil, Since it only offers protection against tiny scratches, but no deeper scratches.

What phone coverage should be selected in the set & # 39; offers? If you really want good protection, you just select Ringke or Spiegen. If there is little choice, looked at the website & # 39; Smartslam on where many find them. Otherwise, the cover of the phone & # 39; these two manufacturers is a bit more robust, but truly remarkable. Last but not least to edge slightly higher from the screen, so the screen is well protected against falls flat directly in front of the phone.

Of course, you & # 39; also decide on cheaper variants in & # 39; & # 39 terms; TPU cover, but do not expect the same protection & # 39; high quality. But the price difference is also noticeable, so lacking better than the worst almost can not.

Glass is well drained required by phone covers

This glass not only seen five years ago and has been maintained to the present uncertain despite start-ups. There is also a wide selection of & # 39; above options, but not & # 39; have a lot of work & # 39; lose. Watch out for only, the glass should be about the entire surface of & # 39; screen, But does not have unprotected edge on the side, because, as mentioned earlier, the x & # 39 phones, are likely to fall on the most frequently ends.

If you buy a glass cover and the phone separately, then be careful staying on the edges, but does not cover the glass. So it is better to buy both glass and phone jacket with the same dealer, to advise which is the best option.

Finally, the phone insurance

Despite the fact that several & # 39; insurance companies offer insurance as well as some mobile operators for many years, we can certainly say that the insurance has not been fully implemented. Never recalculated how much you will pay for insurance in two, three years, and that in return for the benefit of & # 39; insurance you have?

Employing paying insurance 3, 4 or even 5 years? You know how much to pay anything? The amount of the sum & # 39; insurance is adjusted according to the value of the phone, which at & # 39; & # 39 many cases; expensive phones and a period of & # 39; aforementioned time represents the fact that you pay the phone again. However, if there is any damage, you also have a problem with the insurance company will "Complicated classically" and when you want something out of it, you get wrinkles a bit. Withdrawal decline over the years, and despite the fact that they are amounts of & # 39; a relatively small monthly, m & # 39; still small on an annual basis.

The insurance is completely useless compared to & # 39; cover phone!

Even if we look only at the price of insurance compared with the best phone cover glass with the best, we see that insurance is very expensive. Moreover, the scope of protection f & # 39; these two options is completely contradictory: the phone cover, with protective glass, providing preventive protection against damage, and insurance on the other hand is designed to eliminate injuries.

As we know that it is most important for you to have the phone available all the time, so do not deal with the company & # 39; insurance also because phone that has its hidden traps in its business practices, where we quickly caught ourselves. Favors making prevention rather than curative and you already buy protection, if you have not & # 39; have. As the vendors are great, we reviewed quickly offer & # 39; these products and found to be among the best quality in & # 39; Schartslam, which always worry that only the best quality & # 39 ;, the best quality and the best covers, cases, glasses in their bid. and all other equipment. Both Samsung and Huawei covers covers and other brands & # 39; phones are available.

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