Wednesday , July 28 2021

prisoners increased police officer after

ŠENTRUPERT – attack on judicial police officer who conducted & # 39; security tasks in the closed part of the prison was reported today in the 12 & # 39; ZAVOD evening in ZAVOD za prestajanje kazni zatvora, reported the Administration for Execution & # 39; Criminal Sanctions. The culprit twice cleared the bailiff b & # 39; unknown object. The police were immediately informed of the incident.

After the attack, a police officer was treated in the outpatient clinic, then was taken to the hospital and not in & # 39; fatal accident.

It was angered because he would take his computer temporarily

The attack was committed by conviction is serving a prison & # 39; 30 years for having committed a crime & # 39; murder. The prison found that the offender used a modem to connect & # 39; the wireless Internet, which is not allowed in the closed part of & # 39; the institution. The sentenced was informed that his computer will be suspended.

After the attack, the remaining police officers responded immediately and used coercive means against the offender, to put in a separate room. S & # 39; now, the condemned did not show signs of & # 39; aggression, even during the proceedings, was completely calm and carried out the attack with & # 39; sneering way and much discredited.

Data on attacks on employees in Slovenian prisons for the past four & # 39; years:

2018-12-the attack, six attempts & # 39; attacks
2017-23 attack, eight attempts to attack
2016-23 attack, 7 attempts to attack
2015-13-the attack, 14 attempt to attack

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