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Rose at the sound of the siren struck Kokoskova, Doncic on the parquet flooring in unusual time

Today, in the NBA championship for national holiday in memory of the birth of legendary martial arts champion Martin Luther King youngest only three matches were played. With the closest result, the match ended in & # 39; Minesota, where the home team with & # 39; 116: 114 hit team of former Slovenian coach Igor Kokoskov Phoenix Suns. Luka Dončić will today host to Dallas with the team & # 39; Milwaukee Bucks leading east. The game will be played at & # 39; noon CET.

Phoenix Suns, that 11-win and win 37 remained at the bottom of the Western Conference, it was better in the first three quarters of the game (29:31) (35:36) (27:29), and then finally fell & # 39 (25:18 – partial for Minnesota) and lost two points.

Evening Derrick Rosa:

The first name of the account was Derrick Rose, Contributed 31 points to the victory & # 39; Minnesota, of which 29 in the second half of the game. He was also man of the decision, which took advantage of throw & # 39; two points to a score of & # 39; 114: 114 with a sound & # 39; Sirena and led his team to victory.

Derrick Rose led his team Minnesota Timberwolves to victory:

Indiane Pacers also won the club house. With 120: 95, the guests from Charlotte removed easily. The best shooting performances shown by the Indiana player Victor Oladipo (21 points and 7 assists) and Darren Collison (19 points and 9 assistances). B & # 39; 31 win and 15 losses in & # 39; this season, Pacers consolidated third place in the Eastern Conference.

The key points between the teams & # 39; Indiana Pacers and Charlotte Hornets:

From the vault of the losses, however, managed to leave the LA Clipper team, after five consecutive victory still recorded losses. S 103: 95 beat San Antonio Spurs, where he made a large part of the task LaMarcus Aldridge, Who with 30 points and 14 secure double double jumps. By winning team, he scored 27 points and nine & # 39; Rebound Tobias Harris.

The main points between LA Clipper and San Antonio Spurs:

Dallas z Luke Doncic it will be played at & # 39; noon today at 8pm CET (at 13: 00 local time). They will walk with the team & # 39; Milwaukee Bucks, the team leading the Eastern Conference.

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