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Why is actually break up with managers & # 39; HIDRIA?

It was only recently that it was impossible to imagine events in Idrija HIDRIA leading to "war" for the control group.

HIDRIA, which employs 1,800 people, has been in serious financial problems, which in ultimately emerged from it. The majority of the property, about 80 percent of the shares, were managed by four board members: Edvard SVETLIK, Андрейка Крапш Рейц, Iztok Seljak inches Dusan Lapajne. In 2008, concluded agreements & # 39; shareholder it undertook to acquire new shares together.

But as early as mid-year, the alliance between them began disintegrating. The shareholders' agreement expired after ten years, but after a few months of negotiations failed to agree on a new one. Soon it became clear why.

War for war: shareholder reward for SVETLIK family?

According to our information, the first step in the "war" to HIDRIA SVETLIK taken by the family, which currently has about 42 percent of the shares. In recent days & # 39; in December, the Supervisory Board & # 39; HIDRIA Holding, one of the leading companies Idrija Group, received a proposal on the table to pave the way for her family to take its final takeover.

Edvard SVETLIK, the largest owner of HIDRIA Group and what was the man who has long company

Edvard SVETLIK, the largest owner of HIDRIA Group and what was the man who has long company
Photo: STA

It stipulates the payment of a reward for successful work Urški inches Gašper SVETLIK, After the withdrawal of & # 39; his father and former director & # 39; HIDRIA Edvard long SVETLIK began to take the management reins at the company. Both are coupled with & # 39; some good managers will receive 5% & # 39; the parent company shares & # 39; H & R, which would gain from HIDRIA Holding. Total worth more than 400 thousand euros.

According to our information, the Supervisory Board & # 39; HIDRIA, led by Edvard SVETLIK, did not accept the resolution. The two remaining members shall have reservations: economist Igor Masten and the president of the school of business of the IEDC Bled Danica Purg, Who came to the Board & # 39; Surveillance creditor banks demand (the issue & # 39; HIDRIA to pay EUR 120 million).

The adoption of the resolution would have prevented the ownership relations between the key managers that & # 39; now maintained the status quo and prevented from entering one of their excessive power.

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The main owners of HIDRIA closed. There are serious accusations.




Svetlikovi: The prizes are the responsibility of supervisors

It can & # 39; place the dispute between owners & # 39; HIDRIA f & # 39; completely different light. Confirms information Iztok Seljak, long managing director & # 39; HIDRIA, and Dušan Lapajne, director & # 39; HIDRIA, trying to prevent the family plans SVETLIK the last maneuvers.

As is known, Seljak and Lapajne, to almost 20% of & # 39; shares, announced early in & # 39; in January they intend to take the company H & R, the majority owner & # 39; HIDRIA. On the other hand, they alleged that for several months, without the knowledge of & # 39; other large shareholders without the decisions & # 39; the competent authorities, they bought their own shares and b & # 39; thus paving the way for the acquisition & # 39; & # 39 share; majority.

Urška and Gasper SVETLIK strongly deny the allegations of irregularities in the purchase of own shares. They state that all members of the board of directors & # 39; H & R, including Seljak and Lapajne, have been informed about it. This is not enough, by the Articles & # 39; Company Association require their decision.

"All purchases of & # 39; treasury shares made under the law and the opinions of & # 39; experts & # 39; legal experts and consultants. Own shares are & # 39; HIDRIA, not by individuals . Therefore, we never had the intention to benefit personally from the purchase, and let alone hostile HIDRIA, "explained. common answer.


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They added that the policy of & # 39; remuneration is in & # 39; hands supervisors & # 39; HIDRIA Holding. "If the Board & # 39; Surveillance decide (but not yet) we are entitled to a reward, it can & # 39; done in the form of & # 39; treasury shares through the entire leadership & # 39; HIDRIA, including Mr Farmers and g. Lapajnetom, and not just ourselves, how you tell the men mentioned above, "added Urška and Gasper SVETLIK.

They also suggested that the Palace & # 39; Seljak and Lapinet is Idrija Kolektor, the "eternal rivals" of & # 39; HIDRIA for prestige in the local environment. Seljak strongly denied this.

If and when the Supervisory Board will decide again on the share award, is known in & # 39; this time. Our members unwilling to answer our questions. They reiterated that investigated with the alleged irregularities carefully and on the basis of & # 39; examination of all the documents, taking into account all relevant facts and additional legal opinions, they act according to the law and internal rules.

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The battle for Idrija ended: SVETLIK and Petric signed ceasefire

Peasant: The family SVETLIK took all f'Hidria reins

It is undeniable that Svetlikovi strengthened b & # 39; intensively influence in & # 39; & # 39 HIDRIA in; recent months.

With the merger of the two largest companies, HIDRIA Rotomatika and HIDRIA AET, created a new structure of governance in the Group. Although banks are seeking to Urška and Gasper SVETLIK leave HIDRIA administration, they have followed the steps above.

"It was only after these changes realized that the family & # 39; SVETLIK really took all the reins in & # 39; HIDRIA because it was no longer necessary for other managers to make decisions," said Iztok Seljak to Siol. net.

Iztok Seljak HIDRIA

Photo: Ana Kovač

Various levels & # 39; leadership are so linked & # 39; SVETLIK family members today. For example, f & # 39; HIDRIA Holding, which is responsible for strategic management of the Group, for example, Urška and Gašper SVETLIK located at position & # 39; Seljak and can simply be overcome in their decisions.

"If the new agreement & # 39; shareholders have been concluded, the SVETLIK family plans falling into the water after acquiring share & # 39; 51%, as holders & # 39; all fairness should continue buying shares from small shareholders, "believes Seljak. Will be able to find partners with & # 39; Lapinet will provide guarantee & # 39; 24 million for the publication of & # 39; offer & # 39; purchase, will be clear in the coming weeks.

Finishing acquisition management & # 39; HIDRIA

That acquisition management & # 39; HIDRIA in the finals is also proved by the data of the shareholders book.

Already in 2008, the vast majority of the shares were in & # 39; & # handful hands 39; key managers, but the rest were spread among more than 400 other small shareholders. In just a few years, their number has fallen drastically and more than halved.

In the past few months came only five small shareholders. Managers have been purchased, as already mentioned, as well as companies from HIDRIA Group.

It can not be ignored that HIDRIA also provided to managers and employees with & # 39; financial resources to complete the privatization. The money used to repay bank loans were borrowed from HIDRIA, say, the company acquired.

The shareholders & # 39; HIDRIA were not able to pay dividends for a long time. This was taken care of banks, which made the improvement of the result, the disposal of & # 39; unnecessary assets and repayment of the loan as a condition for extending loans. From last year, the umbrella company H & R can again pay dividends.

Million managers gain & # 39; HIDRIA

Managers, who are the largest owners & # 39; HIDRIA, also have their own company. The Idrija Group shares only written on them, but they also generate high additional profit thereby.

company EG & S SVETLIK of family property, had an average of 0.4 on average in 2017, reaching more than € 550 thousand in turnover.

company Rafi owned KRAPS Rejčeva four employees only gained a little less than € 300 thousand of turnover.

company Inovatis in ownership Seljak, it acquired just over a quarter of a million one employee income.

company Ladis in equity Lapaynen, it also acquired approximately 200 thousand euros only one employee income.

It is unknown who worked for him and if one of them or not to issue bills only to companies in HIDRIA Group. F & # 39; HIDRIA, the transaction details with & # 39; related parties are disclosed in the annual reports. Therefore, it is not possible to verify that the management companies & # 39; HIDRIA operate under market conditions and possibly by taking money from the acquired company.

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