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Applications & # 39; half a million jobs each Tesla

It is hard to work in the company Elon Musk, b & # 39; difficult demands and f & # 39; long working days. However, many people are looking forward, among other things, Tesla. "Nobody has changed in the world & # 39; & # 39 weeks, 40 hours", said the entrepreneur.

Employee behind door frames for Tesla Model S factory of the company in Fremont, California. Stock Photography.picture: Paul Sakuma / AP / TT

The last year, half of the applications & # 39; million work to the power company and the Tesla car, doubled compared with the year & # 39; before, said Cindy Nicola, vice director & # 39; recruiting for The Wall Street Journal.

"The interest us by applicants continues to increase from year to year", says the newspaper.

Many employees gave evidence of hard working conditions which are expected to work overtime. Articles, inter alia, British The Guardian have already put the picture & # 39; picture causing hurt many workers in factories & # 39; Tesla.

"There were many occasions when I had to choose between eating or sleeping," said an employee at the newspaper.

On the other hand, others suggest that it is high thanks and that there are great opportunities to influence their work. It is also considered a career ladder that opens many doors.

The image Space Space Space X X is similar. The company has grown from a handful of & # 39; employees in the early 2000s to date have 6,000 employees. Here are also similar stories. According to Business Insider, the trainees company said that Space X employees are some of the most intelligent people and the most difficult in the world, but is burned by the intense requirements and expectations.

Elon Musk himself seems to take criticism b & # 39; facility, and finds on Twitter that there are much easier places to work at his company, but nobody changed the world in & # 39; week & # 39; 40 hours.

"Come together to create exciting worlds & # 39; new technology. If it's important to have things, Space X, Tesla, Boring Company and Neuralink are the places to be" write Musk.

Musk Boring Company is a company that digs tunnels, while Neuralink is involved in the merger of the human brain with computers.


Elon Musk

Born in Africa & # 39; 1971 South.

It is an engineer, and entrepreneur filantropu.

Started in 1995 the software company Zip 2, 1999 e-commerce company, 2002 Space X, Tesla Motors in 2003, 2015 and 2016 Open A1 Neuralink and The Boring Company.

Elon Musk has received several awards for his contributions to technological development and deliver through the Musk Foundation funding for research and development in science education, pediatric and clean energy.


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