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Fatigue affects more at work – News


Of the five million employees, 1.4 million work-related problems experienced during the past year, according to a study by the Swedish Authority for the Working Environment.

The most common reasons are high labor and sedentary or stressful places workouts.

The discomfort usually occurs in & # 39; occupations dominated by women such as treatment, care and education, and more women than men with & # 39; generally experiencing health problems related work .

common fatigue

Fatigue, aches and pains are the most common problems. Seven out of ten people feel fatigue experiencing problems as a result of their work.

Fatigue stands. This is the most common symptom in & # 39; many industries, says Ann Ponton Klevestedt, Statistics and Analysis Unit Manager at Work Environment Authority.

Failure & # 39; recovery, the burden of working life unmatched by enough rest, believing that Göran Kecklund, professor at the Institute for Stress Research at the University & # 39; Stockholm, is the reason.

Style & # 39; stress life

Group stands out is employed between the ages of & # 39; 30-49 years. Göran Kecklund believe is linked to & # 39; style & # 39; life, or conditions & # 39; living – you want to invest in the work while you want to focus on family life. The result is alarming, think.

This makes it possible to end up in & # 39; a situation where you highlighted to level. If you are going for a long time, you & # 39; lead to discomfort and stress leave for prolonged illness, "says Göran Kecklund.

It is consistent with & # 39; what we intended – life of long-term and sustainable.

The study also shows that & # 39 related disorders, such as anxiety stress, anxiety, depression, problems with concentration and memory problems as well & # 39; sleep are more common in & # 39; that group.

Of & # 39; all employees, one third was absent from work due to work-related inconvenience over the past year.

Lack & # 39; systematic

Erna Zelmin-Ekenhem, Director & # 39; the Swedish Authority Working Environment, believes that the results of & # 39; surveys confirm primarily a picture already in place.

You & # 39; view it as a circus clock there are things on the job that you work well with & # 39 ;, a physical trouble for psychosocial problems, says.

At the same time, she thinks that the most & # 39; employers are really trying to work with health and safety issues. But the way that happens is replaced.

About half of employers m & # 39; have adequate systems in the work & # 39; with their work environment, says Erna Zelmin-Ekenhem.

Need & # 39; support

The report of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is in line with the IF Metall trade union of the image has problems. F & # 39; separate report, published in & # 39; in October, raised shortcomings in the physical working environment, but also a growing problem in psychosocial environment among members of the union.

It became much, but obviously not enough. Large companies often have this issue on the agenda, but SMEs may not know how to do systematic work on this, "said Marie Nilsson, the president & # 39; IF Metall.

Do you think it is a matter of & # 39; companies do not take care, but it is about companies that have their entire business and need support to start.

It is more about the ignorance not think about until it is too late. It takes some time to see a pattern, "says Marie Nilsson.

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