Sunday , April 2 2023

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As reported recently, the current tax on radio and television will be replaced by public service tax that everyone should have to pay from 1 & # 39; January 2019.

Today, payment radio and television paid Only from households that have TV receiver and the fee is & # 39; SEK 2,400 a year and housing.

The new tariff public service is an individual instead taken as tax & # 39; slightly more than SEK 1,300 per person per year. For example, families with & # 39; one pool and pensioners b & # 39; low emergency, the change will make it cheap, while for families with & # 39; more than one person will be more expensive than before.

There were mixed views as to the Riksdag voted yes to the new law in & # 39; in November. During Sunday criticized Christian Ekström, CEO of the Taxpayers Association, with the new public service tax in & # 39; Debatt Aftonbladet.

"B & # 39; everything, the SVT tax is expected to draw SEK 9.1 billion, nearly a billion more than the cost of & # 39; public service & # 39; 8.2 billion in 2018. However, the service funding public rising "only" b & # 39; 200 million the next year. 700 million, goes directly into the treasury ", Writes Christian Ekström on the page & # 39; newspaper discussion.

It means there especially both parties to make the decision & # 39; & # 39 who can; be asked.

"There are two main problems. Start with the size of funding, stretching the cart before the horse. The natural thing would have been to start discussing what the state b & # 39; tax resources will help finance. It is after all about 8 billion kronor ", Christian Ekström continues.

The second argument of taxpayers is about transparency in the cash accounts of the public service companies.

"It is not clear how much of the money really go to & # 39 activities genuine public service and both go for purely commercial activities, or at least not qualitative. (…) It is difficult for us to understand why we should be forced to pay taxes for SVT to make love programs for priests ", Writes Christian Ekström.

It stresses that or National Audit Office have full knowledge about how SVT, SR and UR spend taxpayers' money and suggest that, as a first step, both the Auditor's Office as well as the citizens understand how public services use taxpayers.

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