Tuesday , July 27 2021

Information about love about Charlotte Kalla disturbing

Charlotte Kalla was surprised when Expressen showed a page of her personal profile on the website of the international ski association In.

There was stated that the Swedish star was in & # 39; relationship, although it was more than two years separated from cohabitation & # 39; Anders Svanebo.

– I contact and listening to In & # 39; & # 39 in who I am; relationship & # 39 ;. If so, they have more information than I, said Kalla.

ERRORS. This was how it appeared on the website On Saturday.

photo: Screenshot from the website On

But on Sunday, however, the page has been updated. Under the tab "civil status" is now stalk.

– I have not even heard of the change, we are not to engage in or who is single & # 39; relationship, says Doris Kallen, media manager & # 39; In.

Who changed?

– It is the national union to fill this information, Kallen explains and continues:

– The privacy does not help. They fill themselves.

RIGHT. This was how it appeared on the website during On Sunday

photo: Screenshot from the website On

The union: "We read the article and changed"

So leave it to the Swedish League explain what happened.

– We read the article and acted. We login information to the website so noticed my colleagues about it. Thus changed, says the official press of the union Katarina Medveczky once and forever:

– Now is good!

Charlotte Kalla driven as six in the classic race Saturday at ten kilometers and was somewhat disappointed after.

– It's a bit f & # 39; hands, but still the time for the World Cup. I know I feel better in body earlier in the season and I & # 39; niġini there again, says Kalla.

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