Thursday , October 6 2022

Stalis! It's Superman: The next game Best of Rocksteady Earth?


Were three years ago Batman: Arkham Knight and become the next big game & # 39; Rocksteady seems to be about two of the most superheri flagship of the times: The Steelmans and Lap Leather.

It was a game & # 39; co-op with & # 39; Batman (and Robin and others) will be a great combination of & # 39; Rocksteady superhero to hit with the study & # 39; that very way. However, it was also known about a game with & # 39; Superman, and it would be incredible if Rocksteady has had both.

Before E3, started the rumor Superman: World Finest (Via & # 39; Push Square), where we had much work & # 39; to share & # 39; clear picture & # 39; red outfit that was claimed to leak at E3. I did not know any games like that with rajnax this summer, but now we Superman: World Finest appeared in the database of the Game System Requirements. They were correct before (read: Devil May Cry 5).

As you can see in the screen print & # 39; above, we can learn more than we can suppose: adventure & # 39; action developed by Rocksteady. Perhaps it can & # 39; is one of the ten (plus) games to be advertised during the Games? Or will we one Batman-comeback. Who knows!

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