Sunday , April 2 2023

Tasks: The flexible Galaxy phone price gain English & # 39; $ 23,000


Yesterday, there was already a very high price for a speech on the future "Galaxy F" from Samsung. And it is clear that a phone with a large OLED screen & # 39; 7.3 inches along with & # 39; Regular OLED screen simply can not be particularly cheap. For m & # 39; no official pricing from Samsung, and we're probably just learn to wait. However, data from the UK and the operator of the UK EE now seen, is said to be exclusive rights to sell the phone in the country (though it will also be available through the online store & # 39 , Samsung). According to Gizmodo English tip, the price will be & # 39; up to £ 2,000, which amounts to about $ 23,000.

F as in & # 39; Flex

The information does not say much about what can & # 39; expensive phone in Sweden. But as a rule, prices are slightly higher than in the UK. Because the data in any way confirmed, you're also taken to remove the best b & # 39; very little salt. According to the source & # 39; gizmo, F Flex represents in the Galaxy F, and the device will be released in the first half of 2019. If Sweden in the first wave of & # 39; launch is not clear, but given that Samsung will only million million in the first round, probably you probably invest in a slightly larger markets initially.

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