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The awesome shot & # 39; of & # 39; Elias Pettersson: "It makes a lot" – Sports Radio

"It's a new league and everything like that, but the more I think it is enjoyable. We live the dream and now it only takes care of the day & # 39; day in the NHL," says Pettersson to Sports Radio.

Elias Pettersson is soar b & # 39; tripping and aims better than most, establishing goalkeepers – and scoring goals in the first NHL game ever.

– I am trying to stay & # 39; as well as possible on all parts ice. Direct Qatba, wrist shot and draw all that much work, because they do not get many positions during the game and when nġibha, I am confident that you & # 39; place.

Sure, it must be because he really took the NHL by storm.

He scored five goals on his first matches before shifting his brain shaking, his first career.

Some therefore thought it was defeated by 15 kilograms heavier Mike Matheson, that he should take more weight if said to Elias apparently is tired greatly to hear & # 39; one thing:

"I think I'm doing well anyway, even if a little niżen. Now you're another reporter focusing on my weight.

Pettersson is also right in the fact that while many experts initially reporter and learned a lot about it, many have changed and realized that they are physically able to perform very well in NHL.

I have noticed, but m & # 39; there is nothing I can & # 39; I change.

He was gone two weeks after the concussion, got six games and scored seven then … & # 39; goals. It commemorated and welcomed the preliminary voting of Rookie of & # 39; this year. He notes that opponents know who he and & # 39; you & # 39; do.

"Yes, I've noticed, but not & # 39; & # 39 there's nothing I, I change. I just want to focus on helping the team to win.

And he can & # 39; really help the team win … the first 13 came his place last Saturday.

"I came to see that change and their backs will try to do a passport so I just try looking long lace and kindly take a step & # 39; forward and breaks the passport and then tried to put it in the top corner and … yes … went home.

Vancouver came to a strong period recently and lost eight consecutive games before the match against Los Angeles on Saturday.

"Just as you want to lose a match join & # 39; winning track and now we have cut tracks for a while. So it was very nice to finally have won again.

Garpenlöv is also good to show you.

-If Huhe, came to the right.

Assistant Manager & # 39; Tre kronor and future crew saw Johan Garpenlöv to Elias Pettersson wins the game for Vancouver on his trip to Tre kronor.

"He found out a code with & # 39; his shot and makes it very unrealistic goalkeepers where the puck is out & # 39; nowhere. He closed and closes the puck at the right time and it gets the puck away from the club. He uses the flexibility in his club and has both direct shot and shot pulse / pull favoring the home where you & # 39; check where you are shooting.

But Elias is very good defensively too, so says his team mate Alexander Edler:

"I am very impressed with the way he really wants to learn seemed b & # 39; as defensive and how it plays out. It was a very positive surprise when it's right there at training camp. He knows what he wants and has to be good, and listening & # 39; and try to get the whole track well.

And this is what it says about Elijah:

"We try to think good defense leads to good attacks. Even if people see me more as an offensive player, I get the defense part so seriously.

And what he says about any praise is the best long-term rookie?

"It naqrix so, listening & # 39; to jgħiduha, but few create more pressure on me. But I've always pressure on me. And the bigger picture it filed.

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