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The craft & # 39; air wing drove in & # 39; building at Arlanda


According tip to express, a plan & # 39; Air India was involved in the accident.

"I & # 39; to confirm that there was an event b & # 39; plan & # 39; Air India at Arlanda," said Alma Johanson on service & # 39; the picture & # 39; Switzerland to Expressen.

The event took place at 17.40. Exactly what happened is currently being investigated, says Alma Johanson.

Self f & # 39; Arlanda, who wants to be anonymous, stating that the aircraft be taxed in the wrong line. The wings come in & # 39; most of the building, then the cross-sectional plane.

There are still problems on the road, according to the employee & # 39; airport. Passengers had to leave the stairs and now dealing with luggage. It is locked in a police brigade road and f & # 39; place.

179 passengers on board

Just before 18: 00 police writes on his website:

"Plan passenger crashed with his left tip f & # 39; building 50 meters from Terminal 5 at Arlanda.

The aircraft & # 39; Boeing crashed with the edge of its left wing in & # 39; building when he was on his way to the Terminal 5. 179 passengers to board the plane by Atari 39; mobile stairs and then enter the terminal. "

"I have received information from a police officer on the ground was checked off," said the press officer of the police Ola Österling.

19, the police do not initiated any preliminary investigation because the incident.

According to Robert Pletzin, Manager Press f & # 39; Swadavia, the incident caused no disruption in traffic.

"M & # 39; we have no predictions & # 39; forward but can & # 39; at least not yet find that affect.

Passenger: The whole planet has

Paintboat Martin was one of the passengers on board the plane, which had come from New Dehli.

– On the road, the pilot came in the wings in & # 39; & # 39 barack building, two stories. This has become a big dun and all Earth shook, says.

Martin Målarbo was on board the plane.

photo: PRIVATE

According to Martin Målarbo, passengers must remain in the plane for about 40 minutes before being allowed to climb.

"You worried a little worried that airfuel leak, but it did not matter what I can & # 39; see.

Now Martin Målarbo come home – but received no baggage.

"They were going to plan in & # 39; sometime after midnight, that's what they said. No one m & # 39; he will take a bag today.

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