Thursday , October 6 2022

The liberal January Björklund on the government issue: prepared to meet & # 39; to & # 39; S


Fiscal policy, labor market, housing market, schools and defense. If Stefan Löfven and Social Democrats are willing to do "turns b & # 39; robust right" in the above policy areas, the Liberals are willing to release S-led government.

That was the message from the leader of the Liberal Party in January Björklund, who held a press conference in parliament on the government issue on Wednesday afternoon.

He began the press conference the balance of the current red green government, "with the Party & # 39; in the Left Seat & # 39; After" with the proposal & # 39; of & # 39 3-2-1; Ulf Kristersson of & # 39; M ', with SD back ".

"The problem here is not without M and KD SD", said Björklund.

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The decision was taken in the parliamentary group and the board of the party throughout the day. Over the past week, it was possible to read a deep division within the Liberal regarding the approach of the Social Democrats.

"There was no full agreement", says Björklund.

Now the party council should also give its approval Björklund before it can & # 39; announcing that the party will press the yellow button on Dec. 5, when the Riksdag will vote for Stefan Löfven as first minister.

When asked why Björklund not want to stay in the government led by S, it can & # 39; want to let go, said in & # 39; that case, "it would be much harder to get & # 39; to create an alliance for elections next. "

You really believe that the Alliance can & # 39; re & # 39; The merging having collaborated with & # 39; S?

– Yes, I think so.

Yesterday the leader has done center
Annie Lööf made a similar reference, and said she was ready to come to Löfven against promise to liberalize various policy areas.

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