Thursday , June 30 2022

The medication is recommended for Astra Zeneca cancer treatment


The council NT mandated by the county council to make recommendations on the use of & # 39; certain new drugs. Imfinzi, or durvalumab, was approved earlier this fall and can & # 39; is used in the treatment of & # 39; adults b & # 39; lung cancer of an advanced cell locally advanced that it can not spread but not widespread in the body.

The effect of drug treatment is judged moderate, but it is in & # 39; hand councils and county regions to decide whether a method jintroduċuhx & # 39; treatment.

A common form of cancer

The drug is administered intravenously for an hour every two weeks during the period & # 39; treatment. It is estimated to cost 96,000 kronor a month for a patient.

By 2016, there were about 4,000 Swedes diagnosed with lung cancer. It is the sixth most common form of & # 39; cancer in Sweden, but the most common cause of death associated with cancer. This AstraZeneca writes in a press release.

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