Monday , June 21 2021

Zero play for M? – Leader

"Power and Muggle, Gossip and Sketch", says to TT, claiming it was all "Soviet", something which, incidentally, her husband and M former leader Carl Bildt also expressed in & # 39; twitter.

Thus is a list of & # 39; 32 Corazza Bildt name which was not good. The proposal to add 33 had voted in the ballot b & # 39; 41-26 on the party council on Friday. She gained the highest share in the European elections (16 percent of voters M later) and will certainly come if only eligible (and guaranteed to what has happened now, one can & # 39; assume).

Obviously, it can not be. The party does not want her but, as expressed, "new start" in the European Parliament & # 39; Tomas Tobe forefront. S & # 39; Are the voters want is addition. Management & # 39; running and is usually called common in the two largest parties S and M. The tasks should preferably be distributed centrally.

We have personal elections in Sweden and possible reaction among those who supported Corazza Bildt can & # 39; is not voting or choose another party. F & # 39; that case, the result for M can & # 39; is to achieve as much as & # 39; members have had it on the list, along with & # 39; Corazza Bildt. The picture for the leadership of the party. But right for them, many may think about the party.

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