Wednesday , July 28 2021

Fighting between the mud Elsener and Markwalder

Michael Elsener (33) premiered on Sunday evening with his Satir program "Late Update". Especially on the FDP, the comedian shot himself. National Councilor Christa Markwalder (43) found some funny, swap took place on Twitter.

On Sunday evening Showtime was for Michael Elsener (33). For the first time, the comedian from Zug presented his Satir program "Late Update" on Swiss television, after Viktor Giacobbo (66) and Mike Müller (55), who are on the line with & # 39 ; "Giacobbo / Müller" 2016 respectively attracted up to 400,000 viewers and achieved a market share of 35 percent.

Like its predecessors, Elsener must draw policy cocoa. The first victim Sunday evening: the FDP, more precisely, the Councilor of the State of Geneva Pierre Maudet, to whom the Geneva base had last week expressed trust (Blick reported). Maudet must remain & # 39; government council, said Elsener. Accounts black and Abu Dhabi have fit well with & # 39; the FDP politician. B & # 39; contrast, for example, with & # 39; SP politician as Jacqueline Badran (57), which is quite in Pinocchio Nursery "see one smoking".

For weeks Maudet left his fat, Elsener has slogans like "good for the FDP" is the election year. Ah, ups, run stupid "or" Maudet has egg on his website read it with man & # 39; visions and methods ».

Thereafter, Elsener took the British and Brexit. There is also, the comedian with missx topic of PSF. National Councilor Christa Markwalder (43) said last week that "Britain is in divorce negotiations with & # 39; the EU, we (Switzerland) are trying to solve our konkubini." Elsener said affair with Kazakhstan ». The comedian talking with the Kazakhstan affair, which had Markwalder policy documents of Kazakhstan by the Commission of Foreign Affairs and the Commission therefore violated secret.

The Bernese did not find the jokes of funny Elsener. After the broadcast, is tweet:

Elsener responded promptly and promised to seek other victims next week:

Markwalder will not turn anyway:

Markwalder has depressed liver or the first exhibition of Elsener was in fact free humor? What is certain is that the verbal exchange is the best advertisement for his mission.

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