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«M & # 39; I am a candidate alibi" –

Hans Wick (FDP) of & # 39; 54 must go as the first Nidwalden in the Bundesrat. The economist has been a member of the Council since 2015 and served in the government of his canton council from 2010 to 2016.

the PSF must be represented with & # 39; woman in the Bundesrat. You alibi candidate?

I am not a candidate alibi. Check out my political and entrepreneurial skills and came to the conclusion that I met the profile of requirements. The group had to combine two tickets available option. It għażletni, I am grateful to her for that.

In 2015, after your election to the Council of States, you say that trainee account. Now kkompletajt apprenticeship and wants to go to the Federal Council immediately?

I wrote in the column & # 39; newspaper after my first session. Before, only worked in the executive branch and had to find work in the legislature. Federal Council has a great job, ie, task management, and f & # 39; this area I have great experience – even internationally. I mentor, a leader in business & # 39; large corporate group and government councilor.

Manage the administration like a business?

The leadership has x & # 39; share with people, must love people and motivate them. I saw that I am able to. In addition, the amount of & # 39; work & # 39; Federal Council is so large that it should establish priorities. M & # 39; have to learn from day to day. There are basic roles & # 39; leadership are the same everywhere, even within the administration: agree on the objectives, review the objectives and always listening & # 39; employees.

As director of construction & # 39; Nidwalden, were elected to the board & # 39; Titlis-Bahnen. A few months before, the government took the relocation of council & # 39; area & # 39; prohibition of hunting to facilitate railway construction. Do not show conflict & # 39; interests?

In my kingdom, there was one application for Titlis Railway, and I lifted it to my deputy in the government. The allegations are pulled on the hair. Relocation of the prohibition of democratic decision was total government. We heard prior to all owners of & # 39; land, approval & # 39; the competent Federal Office and the Federal Council. This allowed the Railway Titlis develop further. Moreover, I was not responsible for this dossier in the Council of Government, and when Government Council decided jirrilokala, did not place in the Railway Board Titlis.

Let's talk about concrete political business. The Federal Council has put the UN Pact on Migration and expects Parliament's opinion. How to decide in Council Member?

The Federal Council can not sign the pact & # 39; migration. We m & # 39; għadniex longer allowed to sign international agreements like these, even if the so-called soft law. The pact includes several measures suitable to tackle the enormous global challenge of migration. Most of the 200 destination already implemented by Switzerland. But if we implement some requests for the pact, such as family reunification and social assistance, the legal level, will welcome b & # 39; great resistance.

But you indicate that is soft law. Switzerland m & # 39; should not do everything literally.

This does not work for me. By signing the covenant, we deliver the promise of & # 39; implementation. The Federal Council has to find new Vivendi way when dealing with these packages & # 39; soft law. It would be better if the Federal Council called on all parties for half a year table and asked whether he should sign the pact.

Are you in favor of & # 39; & # 39 framework agreement; the EU?

First, we need to know exactly x & # 39; is in agreement. There are red lines not me & # 39; must be shared, so the independence of the country is respected. We can not take citizenship & # 39; Union. a & # 39; & # 39 framework agreement may; bring certain legal certainty for EU Switzerland and especially the economy. But I fear & # 39; it will face strong times because we are forced to say no to a framework agreement in & # 39; this form. This will certainly have its price.

Failure & # 39; skilled labor should be achieved by & # 39; greater participation of women in the labor market. Recently voted against the extension of the crib funding. It is not a contradiction?

Not at all. The state requires a good framework for reconciling work and family life, but requires personal responsibility of families and businesses. The funds for the family – the additional care family planned 16 years ago as initial funding. If you start up fund for a long time, no longer start up.

The AHV must be reformed, 2017 the first attempt failed. The retirement age of & # 39; over 65 has increased?

The AHV is one of the biggest challenges & # 39; Switzerland in the next decade. I'm glad that with the new bill on tax reform, the AHV receives injection & # 39; cash to give us time. Because AHV requires policy & # 39; small steps. First, the increase in female retirement age to 65 should find a majority. The next legislature will have to start with & # 39; reform to address structural problems, and m & # 39; there should be taboo. There are jobs which you & # 39; 70 works f & # 39; other activities you are sure to find a good retirement in & # 39; 62.

You have several business mandates are Managing Director & # 39; Perspekt GmbH.
S & # 39; to make this company?

The company belongs to me and his wife and offers advice. My wife is a mental trainer, helps the athletes and to the other people to cope with & # 39; stressful situations.

Both earn & # 39; with the mandates of your board?

Disclosure of the members of the Board of Directors is the responsibility of individual companies. Withdraw all warrants and stating compensation in the tax return.
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