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The winter time is a cold time. Average & # 39; & # 39 two to four; times a year, adults with young children even colder up to ten times a year. The cold is one of the most common diseases in Switzerland. Reena why we catch cold and get & # 39; we can do about it.

The cold case is a small virus that enters our body through the respiratory system. They multiply in the nose, throat and bronchial our lungs. That tegah, several meters nearing its viruses from the air and infected with & # 39; this way other people. Even if we take the hands of our party, you & # 39; spreading cold.

However, m & # 39; aħniex at the mercy of & # 39; cold. Our immune system, & # 39; endogenous defense, forming a barrier against viruses unless there are too f & # 39; sigh. If you do, we get sick and take the typical symptoms: chills, sore throat and runny nose. If we also strongly chills, high fever, body aches and cough, can & # 39; has influence. It can & # 39; takes up to 14 days and sometimes even dangerous.

When gripping cold, help hang, so the immune system can & # 39; defend virus as well. Drink tea or enough water helps the immune system. Lożija also relieve cough and sore throat

Reference Curriculum 21

Students …

NMG 1.2 c, Link opens in & # 39; new windowKnow ways to maintain health and wellness (such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, body care, friendships).

NMG 1.2 e, Link opens in & # 39; new window: … you know and you & # 39; implement preventive measures & # 39; health care (such as hygiene, personal care, nutrition, exercise).

The school supplies were easy!

The school supplies were easy!

As electricity becomes water? Why sleep is important and x & # 39; is about children's rights? The answers lead to «clip and clear!" – and on YouTube, Link opens in & # 39; new window,

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