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The new love & # 39; Bern for the final Cup – News Bern: Stadt


"The City Council is looking forward to the final of the Football Cup 2019." So who the city government & # 39; Bern media release, sent to her yesterday afternoon. It is a joy that first had to be raised. For Bern always been skeptical about the hosting of the Cup final in their city in & # 39; in recent years.

First and foremost Security Director Reto Naus (CVP). For reasons & # 39; costs and because of a danger before caught his enthusiasm was limited.

Nause hopes for YB

Everything is different this year. This is already seen in the early date of the agreement between the city & # 39; Bern and the Swiss Football Association (SFV). While the last year were very resinous and negotiations were only concluded at the end of & # 39; in February, the decision was decided to
Final 2019 found quickly. "This year was very constructive dialogue", says Nause. That's probably because the SFV, as the year & # 39; before, will carry half the security costs, as Nause confirm. They finally end game & # 39; 700,000 francs.

F & # 39; May, the home team played with Young Boys against guests from Zurich to Cuppokal. But they can
The security costs are pushed if two foreign teams meet in Istaid of & # 39; Suisse in 2019? "You & # 39; only speculated about that," says Nause. He adds, however, that the final participation of Young Boys side do far less problematic organization. "As a result, about 15,000 fans traveling away from the least Bern."

No guarantee & # 39; tradition

As every year, rival Bern Basel, Geneva and Zurich. But it turned out very quickly that the Cup final will again & # 39; go to Bern, says the spokesman of the SFV Marco von Ah. "Bern has made the greatest efforts." In addition, negotiations "gnarly" of the year & # 39; & # 39 before an outcome, which build project. The safety costs & # 39; once they are competitive for the first time seem to m & # 39; longer a problem. The fact that the Football Association should bear & # 39; 50 percent & # 39; they had accepted "without teeth grinding", says von Ah.

Between 1937 and 2000, the Cup Final ever done in & # 39; Bern. But the fact that hosting the big event is back to traditional tradition & # 39; & # 39 Bernese it; far from certain, despite this new harmony. "M & # 39; there is no guarantee for that," says von Ah. Each year, the award will get & # 39; to be negotiated. This option & # 39; change is open for SFV for practical reasons. "When, for example, the Stade de Suisse was still under construction, we had to move to other cities."

Internazzjonalita & # 39; no matter

It is not a secret that the city & # 39; Bern want to be involved in the organization & # 39; international matches. But the speaker & # 39; Ah, SFV, remove it immediately. Not because the city or the stadium. Located on artificial turf. «As many national players
Using natural herbs, like almost forgive the advantage of our home. "Until it is completed in the Stade de Suisse, there is no national team games in the federal city." If that changes, Bern is immediately issue again. "

The transition to natural grass is more complicated, however, apparently. As Young Children do not have lawns, sessions & # 39; their training carried out on the material in & # 39; & # 39 of their own health; art instead of natural soil requires a lot of care. "We can not have a direct influence on it," says Nause. (The federal government)

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