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Unity with the manufacturer KMW: Rheinmetall levies tank "Leopard 2"



Tank "Leopard 2" on the road to NATO exercise in Norway.(Photo: press / alliance dpa)

Monday, 26 & # 39; November 2018

The corporation Rheinmetall weapons has been interested in the manufacturer of the tank "Leopard 2" KMW for quite some time. Now for the first time conducted discussions on possible participation. In another ultimately decide whether the merger actually takes place.

The arms company Rheinmetall speed up the merger fever in the European industry with a boost in "Leopard 2" -panzerschmiede Krauss -Maffei Wegmann (KMW). Rheinmetall had confirmed that discussions on possible acquisition & # 39; KNDS interest in the company and thus indirectly on the subsidiary & # 39; Krauss-Maffei Wegmann KNDS. The KNDS is a joint business venture a family business based in & # 39; KMW Munich and the French company Nexter government. Forms & # 39; & # 39 cooperation with; KNDS are also possible and KMW, Rheinmetall explained. The issue is open.

The Dusseldorf repeatedly expressed interest in competing, which developed, inter alia, the firefighter armed "Puma". KMW not want to comment on the attack. Sometimes, shares & # 39; Rheinmetall gained more than six percent. According to insiders, the two German companies were unable to agree who should take the initiative in & # 39; previous attempts. KMW then turned towards the French.

Gabriel recommends merger

Former Federal Minister & # 39; Economy Sigmar Gabriel had advocated union & # 39; Armamentiżi German factories. The German armaments industry also include ThyssenKrupp, Rheinmetall that his businesses have already signed up for before. ThyssenKrupp, on the other hand, sees itself well positioned in & # 39; this area, according to a member of the Executive Board Oliver Burkhard, but will not refuse b & # 39; fundamental way talks on consolidation .

"By transforming Maritime Systems & # 39; Thyssenkrupp f & # 39; of & # 39 system holistic system through the purchase of & # 39; Elektronik Atlas, we are investing in our sites and are therefore committed virtue full international competition ", explained the manager. "The subject & # 39; & # 39 with consolidation; French partner raised in the media is therefore an issue for us." Apparently, Burkhard was referring to speculation that the French naval shipyard Naval Group can & # 39; again & # 39; other targeting the marine division & # 39; ThyssenKrupp, which is well known for its submarines. "However, always stated that we are open to discuss the European consolidation of building naval ships if economically viable and politically desirable," said Burkhard. ThyssenKrupp also stated that it is currently involved in & # 39; talks on consolidation of building naval vessels.

Nothing works without political consensus

Rheinmetall did not respect chance at KMW. "If the transaction is legally feasible and economically viable is currently being reviewed by the Board of Management & # 39; Rheinmetall AG and depend on a variety of & # 39; political, economic and regulatory." The Federal Ministry & # 39; Economy initially had no opinion available. The German defense industry is quite fragmented compared to & # 39; & # 39 greats; industry & # 39; the United States, such as Lockheed Martin. B & # 39; about 6,000 employees, ThyssenKrupp concentrates above all on the construction of & # 39; submarines, corvettes and fragranji.

The Rheinmetall Group recently achieved annual sales & # 39; about six billion euros b & # 39; about 24,000 employees. About half of them contributed to the armament division b & # 39; about 11,000 employees. KMW has more than 4,000 employees in & # 39; sites in Germany, the UK, Turkey and USA, among others.



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