Tuesday , March 21 2023

Yes for Volta North, not the opening hours of the shop and initiative & # 39; ++ heart bonus cow horns and no forgiveness for SBI – Basel Stadt – Basel


Following the results of this Sunday voting, one particularly surprised them: the yes Basel City and Baselland for Hornkuh initiative, which ultimately failed in the stand. F & # 39; Baselbiet, which counts more livestock, was more restricted Yes. In the city, however, where the Office of & # 39; Statistics had counted 154 cows in 2017, a large majority stated yes. He received the initiators in the past but nothing.

On the other hand, it was expected that the initiative & # 39; & # 39 determination in, Basil, which was dominated by green on the left, also failed. Slightly more amazing has been the share clarity so monitoring of insured persons. Especially since with the National Counselor & # 39; Basel SP or ġielu city figurahead against the Federal bill. All & # 39; everything, both Basel were last but agreed: A yes cow horn, so to detectives insurance and no contentious initiative determination Swiss SVP .

VoltaNord "Suitable only for cheap life"

More important are the cantonal results. Basel-Stadt left voted yes to the development of the area and not to VoltaNord opening hours of longer storage. The VoltaNord model, also known as the site & # 39; Lysbüchel, was mainly controlled by the trade association. Its director Gabriel stressed Barell another defeat. He was still disappointed on Sunday and judged: The campaign vote SBB, which owns the site, was superior b & # 39; any association device.

Anders saw the SP government council Hans-Peter Wessels. The director of building & # 39; & # 39 Basel welcomed; b & # 39; commitment to owner satisfaction model. For him, this is "the most important result of & # 39; this legislature", as Wessels said to bz. Now it has created affordable housing and business space. Something else is possible locally, so Wessels. It will mean: noble situation is the area at the edge of the north of the city. Above all, he paid industrial landscape now offers more stones is growing for shelter residents.

The misery in the opening hours

And then the opening hours of the shop: F & # 39; repeated texts players failed in the attempt to open the narrow legal obstacles. Nothing changed after No vs. x template, try to extend the opening hours. And here also: disappointment with motivar, the Counselor & # 39; SVP Joël Thuringia. However, no submission was predictable. F & # 39; Balile, the opening hours of the shops are considered the post left political and trade union. Moreover, even the shop owners commented b & # 39; critical way of submission.

The liberalization of opening hours is traditionally focused outside table again. Regardless of the fact that shops at the SBB railway station may already be open until late in the evening and weekends. Because they are subject to other legislation. The shopping center, which was developed there in & # 39; in recent years, and networking with & # 39; mesh & # 39; small shops of the neighborhood as a family business, Basel was already under pressure years ago to keep open other stores as appropriate.

In the area & # 39; Basel, players are winners

In the area & # 39; Basel, were the players who won all the way. The most important cantonal account, the initiative & # 39; bonus & # 39; SP Baselland, failed. The model & # 39; redistribution was clear, but was denied in & # 39; high. The largest municipalities & # 39; sub-based agglomeration were also having the desire to premiums & # 39; the canton insurance stored with & # 39; a different way. Despite the defeat, the commanders & # 39; Baselbiet can attach themselves to at least sent a signal.

Cheers can & # 39; to be home. B & # 39; e very clear yes, the counter of the county for the cost of housing initiative was adopted. This alleviates added tax burden b & # 39; significantly at home by the federal government. Rates & # 39; conversion are set to the minimum prescribed by the federal government. Therefore, the ratio between the intrinsic value of rent and market rent will generally be at least 60 percent. Also adopted by & # 39; clear the way for occupation reorganization of the courts of civil districts: their members choose new district administrator and m & # 39; longer the voting population.

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