Thursday , October 6 2022

A Bianyu supports the candidate & # 39; "connect & # 39; one country 'vows to strong government support & # 39; Cai – ETtoday Cloud News

A Bianyu supports the candidate & # 39; "connect & # 39; one country" which says that strong government support & # 39; Cai Ittoday Cloud News

▲ Former President Chen Shui-bian. (Photo / Zhang Yizhong Rapporteur) Political Center / Comprehensive Reporting Former President Chen Shui-bian in 30 Facebook "Chen Shui-bian New Brave Story", published a list of & # 39; candidates for the "one country on one line "of the constituency of City & # 39; Taichung, calling for everyone at the end of the year in the election campaign, the centralized voting have supported, democratic ballots checked national sovereignty, paved the way for the normalization of the status of Taiwan and promised to have strong support for the government & # 39; Cai. Chen Shui-bian said that "one country connects with & # 39; one country" and advocates "Taiwanese continent, one country and one country" and "fixed case is a political event and should be rehabilitated"; "One country is connected" is not a political party, or faction, and will not be another. The political group, but the combination of & # 39; ideas and cohesion of justice forces, leading to the determination and courage of the people of Taiwan to be the masters of the country and refuse ddeċidati to the Communist Party of the continent. Chen Shui-bian emphasized that in recent years, the literary continent sectors were overwhelmed, and has been intensified with the slogan of the Shang Dynasty. Thus, in the election campaign at the end of the year, please complete support to candidates for parliamentary elections, use the votes to protect national sovereignty, and maintains the fairness of judicial reform and end on Taiwan. Closing the road to normalization & # 39; the status of Taiwan, and be strong support for the government & # 39; Cai. ▲ List & # 39; & # 39 recommended members; country constituency of City & # 39; Taichung. (Photo / flip the book face "Chen Shui-bian bold new story") "I have something to say …"

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