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"Fighting Layer EX" PS4 traditional Chinese version is scheduled for sale. The free cultural update "EX FIGHTING Layer" will be provided.


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H2 Interactive announced that Arc System Works Asia will officially release the traditional Chinese version of the fighting fights & # 39; ARIKA "Fighting EX Layer" on the platform PlayStation 4. Players who have already bought the game can enjoy the content of the traditional Chinese game by downloading the free update released on the traditional Chinese version of the issue.

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"Fighting Layer EX" was developed by ARIKA and inherits the series "EX" of & # 39; fighting games. The 15 character can be played before the show, while enjoying new character and background design with & # 39; Unreal Engine 4.

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Introduction of the game "Fighting Layer EX"

rich and varied ways

This game provides offline and battle modes & # 39; online battle, including mode & # 39; Players & # 39; single player mode and & # 39; training runs at the end of the game with the CPU, as well as the Expert mode can & # 39; perform different tasks for each character and can & # 39; enjoy several battles. How to play.

From novice to fighting game master can & # 39; enjoy two ways & # 39; operation

"Fighting EX Layer" is a game for the first time to play a game & # 39; fighting. Support the way & # 39; operation "PROGRESSIVE" and the operating mode "CLASSIC" original without entering complicated commands.

Use the "Strong" system to strengthen the role

The ability to increase the role that you & # 39; be launched once a certain condition is met in the fight called "Strong". Before the start of the game, you & # 39; choose 5 powerful air to form a set of & # 39; "Deck". Any strong gas configuration prepared according to the style of the game. Therefore, victory is to find a combination of & # 39; favorite characters and strong spirits in the game. Core.

The "Combat EX Layer" Traditional Chinese version of issue and other information are expected to be made public in the near future.

※ The content & # 39; above is based on the latest updated version b & # 39; nothing.

Information of the game

  • Name game: Combat EX Layer

  • Release Date: undecided

  • corresponding Platform: PlayStation 4

  • Type & # 39; Game Fighting the battle

  • Number & # 39; Players: 1 to 2 people

  • Language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean

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