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Media & # 39; US: Taiwan gives the F-35 and turn 66 + 6 F-16V – China Times News


According to the report of the body & # 39; the United States, the Taiwan Air Force abandoned the request to buy F-35 stealth fighter lightning from the US and re & # 39; issue to the United States to buy F-16 additional fighters. The new proposal will include fighters, transport aircraft and trainers, the most important of which are 66 F-16V (70 batch), plus & # 39; 6 F-16A / B (20 lot ) to replace the collision. A total of & # 39; 72 F-16V fighters.

The Media & # 39; the United States 'National Interest' published on 28 & # 39; the former Director of Asian & # 39; News Defense Wendell. According to a report written by Wendell Minnick, military proposal of the Air Force of Taiwan will focus on promoting & # 39; 66 + 6 F 16Vs, partly because 66 F-16C / D originally requested by the Obama administration. Can & # 39; to be realized, because the side & # 39; the United States took account of the victory of China, and now again & # 39; raises 66 F-16V, is regarded revival of old case.

The report also said the new proposal also includes the authorization to manufacture and promote logistics based on performance (PBL) Sources Taiwanese defense industry said the PBL program can & # 39 ; The main part of the package … we do. "

This program is in line with the industrial policy of independent national defense chairman Tsai Ing-wen. The policy requires the purchase of US weapons to be adjusted gradually to produce a b & # 39; independently weapons systems without relying on selling & # 39; US weapons and prevent process procurement of arms is affected by the turmoil in relations between the US and China.

The report said that the source also hopes that the PBL will expand later to include the work of & # 39; current update F-16 in Taiwan, which is to improve 150 F-16A / B (20 batch ) fighters purchased in the nineties for F-16V. As part of "Feng Exhibition Plan" b & # 39; value & # 39; up to USD5 billion. The PBL also intends to expand to 20 transport aircraft Hercules C-130H and maritime aircraft & # 39; 12 P-3C Orion.

The Force & # 39; to the Taiwan Air also plans to update the fighters & # 39; IDF, which will strengthen the arms in the air and the radars of fire control. Due to the collision & # 39; incidents, the IDF Taiwan decreased from 130 to 126 original. Taichung Hanxiang built by Company in the nineties, and the company is also involved in the program & # 39; Upgrade F-16V.

Moreover, Hanxiang also manufactures jet with a new advanced jet (wall) to replace the old trailers AT-3 and F-5. The company expects to launch a new trainer based on the IDF at the end of 2019 and expand the total number of & # 39; 66 advanced trainers in 2026.

According to the report, the Air Force & # 39; Taiwan have F-35b take-off and vertical landing because of actual combat test fights iste Stead insufficient and too expensive, that not a practical option for Taiwan. The vertical type takeoff and landing was originally proposed because a large number of & # 39; Short ballistic missiles on the continent. Once war broke out, the basis of the Taiwan Air Force will be adversely affected. In addition, some people suspect that activities & # 39; continent intelligence in Taiwan are rampant. Washington will oppose the sale of fifth generation fighters to Taiwan for confidentiality.

Aircraft of the 2000 phantom fighter manufactured by Dassault France purchased in the 90s The maintenance cost is too high and the Air Force & # 39; & # 39 Taiwan intends to return; sell it to a third country. (Photo / Associated Press)

The report said that in recent years, the Air Force CCP repeatedly used to Taiwan to avoid Taiwan and used it to test the air defense of Taiwan. Taiwan still requires advanced fighters to maintain its air space control. According to sources, 60 of the 60 fighter phantom 2000 purchased in the last 90 years are still working. Due to the extremely high cost of & # 39; maintenance & # 39; these fighters, the Taiwan hopes to re & # 39; sell the phantom fighters to third countries, and b & # 39; so give room for new F-16V.

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