Sunday , June 11 2023

The anti-epidemic partition was changed to a lantern, one person with a lens on his head (167036) -Cool3c


Hoshino, a ryokan group in Otomachi, Tokyo, has developed a lantern cover that combines Japanese culture and anti-epidemic concepts. Even if you eat at a table of people, you can eat comfortably. Everyone is covered in a lantern made by the lantern shop that has long been established by Kyoto “Kojima Store” set up in the Edo period. There is a 0.15mm transparent PVC film on the front and no film on the back. There is a bulb on the head to illuminate the face and food. With a diameter of 75 mm and a height of 102 mm, it can almost cover the shoulder to the neck. Not only is it ventilated but it also allows you to speak with confidence while eating.

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This “lantern banquet” is held in a special box, one group a day, the food fee is 21,780 yen per person, and the place fee is 30,000 yen. Reservations are required 5 days in advance. See more here.

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