Thursday , June 30 2022

The continental attempts to annex Taiwan Lai Qingde If there is no support from the United States! It is difficult for us to look ourselves – ETtoday Cloud News

The continental attempts to annex Taiwan Lai Qingde If there is no support from the United States! It is difficult for us to look ourselves. ETtoday Cloud News

▲ Qingde Executive Dean Lai went to the Legislative Yuan for reference. (Photo / photo Tu Huigang photo) Rapporteur Xu Zhengyu / Taipei Lai Qingde Executive Dean led the management team to the Legislative Yuan on 16. The legislature of the Kuomintang Kong Wenjin expressed his views on relations between the straits when asked shortly. Is concerned that the two sides of the strait have now reached a state of & # 39; confrontation. If you come to such a dangerous situation, is there any way to keep relations between the straits? Qingde Lai responded that the attempt by China sticky Taiwan was obvious. "If not for the support from the United States, it is difficult for us to look ourselves." Qingde Lai said, "The bell should be linked to the bell." If the Chinese mainland can & # 39; recognizes the goodwill of the Chairman Tsai Ing-wen and public opinion mainstream in Taiwan, the between-US conflict and China, It has evolved to a confrontation between politics and society. Taiwan is striving for stability. If there is any change in the situation, it should be strengthened b & # 39; actively to the Taiwan continues to make progress in chaos. The strait policy against adopting Latin America to resist China? Lai said Qingde mainly because Taiwan is an independent sovereign country, has its own national interests and also defend the democratic way of life. China is the obvious attempts to & # 39; annexation. The United States assist the Taiwanese political reform, economic progress and social innovation. It is very useful. The attitude towards Taiwan is 180 degrees different from that of mainland China. Qingde Lai went on to say, therefore, the world & # 39; abroad appears that Taiwan is in the United States, but it is not .. Taiwan has its own national interests. "In fact, has its own direction." But thank the United States for its support, if not for F & # 39; & # 39 series, attempts & # 39; threats and annexation in mainland China, "we are also very difficult to protect ourselves." In response to questioning & # 39; Wenjin Kong on registration permit & # 39; residence in mainland China, if people of Taiwan receive it, they will be restricted to the right to vote. Qingde Lai said that maintaining relations between the strait is the responsibility of both sides. In fact, mainland China m & # 39; should have to suppress Taiwan anywhere, based on the life convenience, …

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