Wednesday , July 28 2021

The fear & # 39; citizenship of permission & # 39; Continental residence of shading / collar is limited to shrink Ding angry Shouzhong approval by the Progressive Democratic Party – ETtoday Cloud News

Dell Shouzhong angry to ridiculous Democratic Progressive Party of ETtoday Cloud News

The Reporter Chen Jiaxiang / Taipei reported that mainland China will implement the "Permit & # 39; Residence & # 39; Residents & # 39; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" from 1 & # 39; September. The Executive Yuan will set the "general direction of regulation" in 20. If the persons receiving permission & # 39; reside in the mainland in the future, if they can return to Taiwan, they can should be a certain level & # 39; restrictions on citizenship, and MAC confirmed 21 already being discussed. F & # 39; this regard, the Mayor candidate & # 39; Taipei Kuomintang Ding Shouzhong angry "assurdju", said that the DPP is angerju and hostile to cross close relations, is absolutely unfavorable for -Tajwan. "The trans-close relations must be reconciled and the Taiwan economy will be better." Opened to the Taiwanese people to receive a residence permit, the MAC is studying the management of Taiwanese people who receive a residence permit. The Executive Yuan spokesman said Kolas Yotaka at 20 was "adjusted for the overall direction of control". She said that the government believes it is necessary to check In China, when people return to Taiwan to return to Taiwan, m & # 39; there is no possibility to limit their nationality to some point, and the extent, scope and depth restrictions. However, the political formation has heard & # 39; and do not want to bring too much impact, but the control is great. The direction was determined. Ding said Shouzhong other people to take the green card of the United States, take the Canadian Charter of Maple Leaf, and take the Japanese residence permit can vote for f'Teipei citizenship. So many Taiwanese businessmen doing business in mainland China, but can not return to Taiwan to vote and limiting. Citizenship, "This is ridiculous. This is the policy of the DPP government to turn both sides of the strait and intensify the hostile cross-strait relations. This is absolutely unfavorable for Taiwan. Relations between steps must be reconciled and the Taiwan economy is better. " Citizenship, still want to see … Release & # 39; owner's residence is intended to limit c Citizens citizenship: the Executive speaker deliberation & # 39; Yuan: permission & # 39; owner's residence is designed to limit network citizenship to "drink Iron can & # 39; also a senior government official" The party restricted citizenship and Li Xiyu unconstitutional opened the first shot! Shadow / Receive continental residence permit to limit citizenship! …

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