Monday , June 14 2021

Zhong Vocational / Brihan 7 innings, Jiang Shaohong first hit dragon and elephant to abort 4 consecutive losses-UDN United News Network

  1. Intermediate vocational / Brihan 7 rounds of good shooting, Jiang Shaohong first hit the dragon and elephant to abort 4 consecutive lossesUDN Combined News Network
  2. 04/05 Brothers VS Weiquan EssenceCPBL
  3. Weixin Yangtou Steel Dragon is finally about to start the most impressive hitter is the home run king Apple News Network Network | Apple DailyTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. Zhou Siqi stole some from Ye Junzhang: I grow up when I meet moreYahoo News
  5. 4/4 Brothers VS Weiquan In the seventh inning, Jiang Shaohong threw, and Ye Yangchun equalized from the center left to help Weiquan lead the score, 2: 1CPBL
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