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Check the signs & # 39; warning only to diarrhea or enteritis!

inflammatory bowel

Check the signs & # 39; warning only to diarrhea or enteritis!

inflammatory bowel – frequent diarrhea and abdominal pain seems common But if symptoms become more severe emerges blood For a long time Do not be complacent Immediately see a doctor

Because it can be a warning sign to f & # 39; risk of being "Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Assoc. Prof Sathaporn Manasatit President of the club of the small intestine, colon, gastroenterology Medical Association Of Thailand revealed that "Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease" Not well known to Thai people. In the past, a disease that usually occurs in people in the West and in the Middle East. But at present, the number of patients in South Asia increased. And all ages can be found in B & # 39; thus increasing the incidence of such diseases in Thailand Furthermore, the symptoms of the disease are similar to gastritis. Or haemorrhoids irritable bowel syndrome The patient is not so patient. Cause treatment disagrees with the disease When left alone, the symptoms become more severe and chronic.


The cause of chronic bowel Prof. Dr. Lim Chulachak Siwilai The medical specialist, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease provides information that the patient's immune system is working with & # 39; abnormal. And to think that their bowels are foreigners, causing inflammation similar to "Foot & # 39; Phuangphuang" Different from the bush disease, which causes inflammation in all parts of the body. But the chronic inflammatory bowel disease is mainly caused by inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

"If you can not properly treated & # 39; cause complications such as intestinal obstruction, intestinal obstruction, risk & # 39; cancer Or can & # 39; cause of death complications, so if symptoms could be a sign & # 39; warning & # 39; this disease patients should hasten to see a doctor for a defined diagnosis. " Assistant Prof. reiterated Chulachak

Hospital & # 39; University & # 39; Chulachak

However, due to unknown reasons therefore makes it difficult to avoid But it & # 39; reduce the severity of symptoms and reduce the likelihood of & # 39; relapse Using drugs as the main approach to care to cause the bowel mucosa again & # 39; back to normal unless there are symptoms, however, the disease is found to be completely Cured. But the patient still to be in the care of a doctor and periodic monitoring So if the disease starts to return would be able to treat the symptoms immediately

The general public and patients How Can & # 39; find more information about "chronic inflammatory bowel disease" on

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