Thursday , October 6 2022

Enjoy! "Tao Somchai" finish the first marathon in Osaka Marathon finish line.


Picture by IG taosomchai_fc

Tao Somchai brooch Singers and Actors One by celebrities from Thailand who attended the 2018 Osaka Osaka marathon. The Japan on 28 & # 39; November taosomchai_fc Impressed by the striking success & # 39; Taoism. Through the message. "The man who finished the marathon first. This is my first post. The first marathon with & # 39; 6: 43."

There are also video calls. As the Tao go to the finish line, goes to the exaggerated woman waiting. Express your joy by kissing your lips and the warmly movements. It has been described. "Do not worry, do not jienax hurting you."

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