Thursday , October 6 2022

Unlucky The car was hit by forest fires.


Unlucky M & # 39; have to drive fast.

28 & # 39; November tambol Pakkat Ekaew (Police), the Police Station Pak Chong, Province & # 39; Nakhon Ratchasima, was notified of the raid on a rural road. House area near the fishing village & # 39; Cagayan is dead trapped inside the car. I'm going ninvestiga him. Lt. Col. Chueid Saengsang, head of the district & # 39; Khao Yai, Khun Kanchit Sripanawan, head of the Khao Yai National Park Rescue Officer Bright Wichaudham Pak Chong

At the scene, a white pickup truck Isuzu van Thai Rung Bangkok in 2945. Parked in the middle of the road The car front, the bumper & # 39; before, the roof cover, windshield, broken, broken, found dead in the driver's cushion. The staff will help remove the dead body. It takes about 20 minutes to emerge from the ruins known as Mr. Nirin Boonchai, 58 years, living in & # 39; 76 Air Kunming Soi 16, Donmuang, Don Muang, Bangkok.

From the scene of the accident on the road in the National Park & ​​# 39; Khao Yai. It is about 2 kilometers from Khao Yai National Park. Ask first, you know that Mr. Krieng Boonchai drive from Muaklek to head to Ban Kut Khao Yai, where the place two months ago. There are fire & # 39; lorry truck. And there are people injured because that road area is wheat. The wild elephants walk.

Lt. Col. Chueut Saengsang said that the road is close to the National Park & ​​# 39; Khao Yai. There are wild animals like elephants, bushes, barking deer, every day. The majority of car accidents wildlife are foreigners. And the scene is lonely way, so m & # 39; there is no drive car with & # 39; speed. When elephants emerged, they blocked the road. Can & # 39; cause braking. Let inwissu people who use this route. M & # 39; have to drive quickly notice the signs of wildlife along the way. Obey authorities Because she wildlife.

Mr Kanchit Srinivasin, Head of the National Park & ​​# 39; Khao Yai, said the wild elephants are frequent in & # 39; this area. People in the area will know better. One of them is a big elephant called elephant and many elephants. But foreigners to drive in. Do not know if there are wild animals walking on the street. The light is only light on rural roads and municipal Munez. It is advisable to get the entire route in & # 39; this area. To see in the distance. I have a car accident on a regular basis.

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