Thursday , October 6 2022

Did not care about pimple, cut feet.


To survive 39 years in & # 39; Kayseri Gulay 8 years ago Goce right acne, acne. Did not care for acne, Goce, after a while, turned into acupuncture and realized that acne was growing. Goce went to the hospital and use the medication provided by your doctor. However, the lesion growth was unavoidable, and then the unfortunate woman was diagnosed with & # 39; venous insufficiency (a health problem caused by blood flowing in the veins, not reverse the direction heart).

AID TO disclose …

According to the FVO report; Goce, was taken in a doctor & # 39; Istanbul, had a great happiness when he learned that it will recover from his illness surgically. Goce Gulay, who does not know X & # 39; m & # must make to 39, has no financial situation, needs 60 thousand TL does not cut to his feet.

Gulay Migration, "My doctor treatment & # 39; this disease in Turkey, if I need to change and possibilities knee valve told me to go to Europe. M & # 39; I should have to go to Europe. I am trying to relax with creams and medicines. the medicines I also have used disrupted the balance of the body and psychology. We have applied other treatments by assessing the possibilities. We tried to do something by tlestejna all the facilities in my family, but the wound does not close


Goce noted that he wanted to heal his feet, "4 months ago we went to a doctor who enforced our borders. The doctor said the treatment was possible, and go through several stages, but that surgery was needed before. 40 thousand TL in the operation cost. My doctor, after surgery to close the wound to enter the machine, I have the same condition in both legs and elective surgery should say. If not doing this surgery, the wound does not close. At the end of 8 years, we found hope. God revealed way, but we do not know how to find this TL 40,000. The doctor said if I can not do it, I can not walk in the future. A doctor who moved here qalni if ​​not received treatment, my legs cut later in the process. I want to pass my discomfort and my treatment. I am charity. I can not do this surgery. 40 thousand TL exceeds me. We already know not after. My doctor said the treatment will continue for closing wounds after surgery Doc.

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