Thursday , June 24 2021

Hard debate between President Kocaoğlu and ACP members!

The budget talks Metropolitan Municipality & # 39; Izmir, the ACP Council and Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu & # 39; nun discussed the debate. "I consider trying to serve itself rather than the city," said the member of Parliament IMET Tunç in the event & # 39; Kocaoğlu. Kocaoglu again & # 39; a signal presidency again & # 39; other.

Metropolitan Municipality & # 39; Izmir General Assembly & # 39; İZSU Meeting & # 39; in November to become the second reunification The Metropolitan Mayor & # 39; Izmir Aziz Kocaoğlu held under management. IZSU of the 2019 fiscal year budget and program & # 39; performance were discussed. In 2019, 2 billion 469 million 352 000 pounds allocated to İZSU. MP member IMET Tunç, who spoke during the talks, asked to Kocaoğlu, There is an agreement with trying to serve himself rather than to the city.

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He said, "If you call yourself more self-service of the city is wrong. You can not tell me. My brother, we have worked for our city, not ourselves. What does, he worked for himself, not the town? The -ispjegazzjoni of & # 39; so, if, theft, dishonesty, honor, evidence & # 39; this presentation ", he said. After the members of the People's Republican Party (CHP) raised their voices to IMET Tunç, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, Tun Please stand and answered? Please. IMET brother look what you worked for? Meclis Silence of the council members.


Metropolitan Municipality & # 39; İzmir ACP Group Vice President Ali Kökoğuz said, Because cook irresponsible behavior of & # 39; İZSU, citizens & # 39; İzmir do not know where to apply. IZSU not respond to citizens' demands. If you İZSU, you have problems. If your political life is enough, we will be able to talk about the beach swimmable President Aziz Kocaoğlu said, oğlu How long your life. We will not let you if do so. Where are going? M & # 39; I am tħabbatni have spent for my candidacy. If you feel sorry, we will not go, Sen said.

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On the words & # 39; Çağlar Haspolat, you just de first survey of birinci, President Kocoağlu said, "The interviewer will. Asks" Who wants to see the Metropolitan candidate? He says that in Sor Aziz Kocaoglu said that was not a candidate for capital on 1 & # 39; October. Who would like to see in the light of & # 39; this information "he says. B & # 39; contrast, citizen 'Aziz Kocaoğlu & # 39; n want to see", he says. We start first. The age put my head again, CAG said. at this, the ACP States "does not violate citizens", said President Kocaoglu with murder, "Probably the homeland, get fit for the nation", he said. IHA

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