Monday , June 21 2021

Lots & # 39; burnt shops! 200 years & # 39; the Ottoman Empire

Emerged fire in the historic Kayseri Bazaar, which was one of the most important commercial centers in & # 39; Kirkuk. The fire in the market with a history & # 39; over 200 years, the flames on the workplace dropped as much as & # 39; possible. The fire-fighting teams intervened in the fighting, the majority of the bazaar was effective. The flames illuminating the sky can be seen from miles & # 39; away. Traders, that their work places located in the historic Kayseri Bazaar and the majority of them are Turkmen, suggested that the fire could & # 39; was the result of & # 39; burning. Despite the intense efforts of firefighters, difficulty in controlling the fire. Work carried out for extinguishing fires, which is said to have caused great loss of & # 39; life, but there was no loss of & # 39; life.

Many stores have emerged 200 years of the Ottoman Empire

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