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The police officers stated that Esra Ersoy was arrested by Ceyda Ersoy to encourage the use of drugs.
Two brothers who were brought into police headquarters were questioned.

PHOTOGRAPHIC bumper & # 39; Koss

Police & # 39; narcotics, the type typing "TASC Ceyda 'social media & # 39; Esra Ersoy by sharing a picture & # 39; his brother by using drugs shortly after the distribution was determined delete.

In the Security Directorate of & # 39; Istanbul on Vatan Street, which was recognized Esra Ersoy will be prompted by & # 39; "Drug encouragement" and Ceyda Ersoy "using drugs".

Custody & # 39; narcotics

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Ceyda Ersoy, in its statement that the photograph belongs to it, when he did not know who was taken from medicines claimed to use.

Esra Ersoy, who stated that it will divide the photo from Instagram account, said that Instagram was stolen, broken in the process, received with the help account & # 39; IT specialist, did not publish the photo and has not used drugs for a long time.

The blood samples of saliva taken Cici and instructions of the prosecutor's office.

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