Thursday , August 5 2021

SIMIT chat Tea citizens President Erdoğan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan President, the AK Party came to explain the candidates for Mayor of Ordu Army came together with citizens.

Durugöl Başpehlivan Following a meeting in the Hall of & # 39; Sport & # 39; Recep Kara, President Erdoğan met & # 39; with party members at dinner & # 39; organization and then moved at the airport after lunch.


According to the FVO report; Erdogan stopped the convoy during the trip, the children of various toys. Young children, who had emotional moments, gave their love to the President Erdoğan. Erdogan then entered into a pretzel on the invitation. Citizens and employees confronting the President could not hide their astonishment.

Erdogan, who saw fresh bagelli fresh from the oven, placed the vase in & # 39; two and gave half to the other candidate AK Party Ordu Mayor, M. Hilmi Güler. Then the President of the AK Party and Deputy & # 39; Samsun Çiğdem Karaarslan, the Candidate & # 39; the Army AK Party Party M. Hilmi Güler and Governor & # 39; Army Seddar Yavuz sit at the table with & # 39; sedit and snacks of President tea Erdoğan spoke with citizens .

President Erdoğan chatted with his staff for a while and then left for the airport & # 39; Ordu, Giresun and moved to Ankara on Presidential flight.

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