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Jessica Brown

We have heard that the most important meal is breakfast, people with & # 39; poor health and do not interfere with breakfast. Well, really?

The word "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is an argument that all parents often use. But two-thirds of adults in the UK and two-thirds in the United States are known to eat.

"Our body consumes a lot of energy overnight to grow and repair," says dietician Sarah Elder. "Breakfast and balanced energy, as well as protein levels and our calcium, be supplemented at the beginning of the day."

But some disagree with & # 39; the importance attributed to breakfast. Some allege about success & # 39; diets is to eat long hours during the day, and others complain about the impact of the crisp market, which aims to manage the public perception of the importance of breakfast . There are also academic argues that the breakfast is "dangerous".

The breakfast is the best way to start the day, or if companies increase crunchy breakfast importance in their own interest?

Changes & # 39; routine

Scientific research on breakfast mainly focus on the link between obesity and other.

In a study that examined the health data of & # 39; 50 thousand people in the United States, the body mass index & # 39; people think and practice the breakfast as the largest meal of the day was less than & # 39; those importing lunch or dinner.

The researchers attributed this to increase the feeling of & # 39; breakfast saturation, reduce the consumption of & # 39; daily calorie intake, increase the quality of our diet through the use of fiber foods and decreasing insulin risk by increasing insulin sensitivity in & # 39; terms & # 39; subsequent meals .

However, to answer the question whether it is really breakfast, researchers organized program & # 39; thickness & # 39; 12 weeks b & # 39; 52 obese women. All women were taking the same amount of & # 39; & # 39 calories in; one day, but half started the day with breakfast and the other half did not have breakfast.

It seemed that what made them lose weight was to eat but to change their normal routines. Those who did not previously have breakfast lost more weight than they did in the same routine when they had breakfast. It has been seen that those who ate the food lost this food and lost more weight than those who continued to eat breakfast.

Connection & # 39; obesity for breakfast

So why is the connection between the loss of & # 39; weight and obesity if the breakfast alone is not the cause of & # 39; loss & # 39; weight?

Some attribute this problem to the fact that those m & # 39; breakfast should have less information on nutrition and health. Those who eat breakfast can also be susceptible to positive behavior such as smoking or exercise regularly.

When the results of & # 39; 10 different studies were examined in 2016, it was concluded that the data linking breakfast and weight was "limited". Claims breakfast affected the weight or amount of & # 39; & # 39 remaining food consumed; unfounded.

Intermittent fasting diets

After a certain time in the evening to eat and continue to do the same thing in the form of & # 39; & # 39 continuous diet; fasting Fasting is a method of & # 39; weight and overall health.

In a study in 2018, it has shown that this diet is effective in controlling sugar levels in the blood and insulin sensitivity and reduce blood pressure.

Eight men were diabetes border were two different regimes: half consumed half the needs & # 39; their day of & # 39; calories between 09:00 and 15:00 in the morning, while the other half consumed the same amount of & # 39; calories over & # 39; 12 hours. It seemed that the tension of the first group has a level created by the drug effect.

However, it is stated that the subject group is small and the need for & # 39; more research into & # 39; this area to reveal the long-term benefits.

The fact that academic increase the amount of & # 39; cortisol at the beginning of the day and that causes type 2 diabetes by increasing the insulin resistance in time, the fact that he finds the breakfast & # 39; By morning it will be dangerous not very popular among researchers.

Experts, the high pace of the morning body due to the high rate of & # 39; cortisol comes from the body.

In a study conducted with & # 39; 18 persons b & # 39; diabetes in the past year without 18 diabetes problem, it was observed that there was not disrupted breakfast in both groups and caused increases in & # 39 ; putting sugar in blood after the first meal. The researchers concluded that breakfast is important for the normal functioning of the body clock.

The dinner time is important

However, Courtney Peterson, nutritionist at the University & # 39; Alabama, stressing that those m & # 39; breakfast should be divided into & # 39; both groups. Those who eat the morning and eat dinner at & # 39; normal times, benefit from diet & # 39; intermittent fasting, eating breakfast and later at dinner, the risk of & # 39; obesity, diabetes, heart disease and vascular greatly increased.

For this reason, Peterson believes it is more important to stay on time to eat dinner at breakfast.

Controlling blood glucose is best in the early hours of the day. When getting a late dinner, it becomes difficult to control. So, even if we managed nħawwadna, we are careful not to eat late.

A study in & # 39; two universities in the UK to examine the effect of meal times on weight. The findings indicate that the breakfast in the morning is & # 39; & # 39 benefit in; terms & # 39; weight control.

Food b & # 39; his health

The breakfast does not only affect your weight. He stated that if there is no breakfast increasing the risk of & # 39; heart disease and diabetes type 2 b & # 39; more than 20 percent.

One reason for this can & # 39; is the nutritional value of breakfast. In Western countries, the habit of eating breakfast is crisp common. Attend various supplements & # 39; vitamins and minerals for breakfast cereals. In a study conducted in the UK at 1600 young, it was observed that those who had regular breakfast had better levels & # 39; fiber and folic acid, vitamin C, iron and calcium.

The experts also believe that the breakfast has a positive effect on memory and concentration. But what to eat for breakfast is also important.

Some research shows that breakfast b & # 39; much protein reduces food intake throughout the day.

Consumption krispjuż for breakfast in the United Kingdom and the United States is quite common. However, the fact that cereals containing high levels & # 39; sugar cause concern.

Some say that is best done in the morning if consumed sweets.

As a result of & # 39; 54 studies, he stressed that m & # 39; there is no consensus on what kind of & # 39; breakfast is more useful, and the most important thing is to eat something in the morning.

However, some experts believe that the body's natural flow, eat sense & # 39; hunger is not a problem at dinner.

Someone must eat something in the morning. Research on people in the border diabetes, food, blood sugar, such as oats, such as food, concluded that useful food.

Some experts believe that such research should be made taking into account personal differences. Moreover, when set aside the eating habits of the day, focusing on just one meal will not give good results.

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