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The Last Emperor Bernardo Bertolucci left


Born as daughter & # 39; poet and poet, Bernardo Bertolucci was caught wind of the Italian New Realism and the French New Wave, which began influence of cinema & # 39; after the Second World War. Pasolini Islands down at the cinema adventure, the greatest directors of the authors & # 39; made him one of the era.

Bernardo Bertolucci, born in 1941 in the northern city & # 39; Parma north & # 39; Italy, reflects on aesthetics, politics and history "Pencil hold hand" As a youth, he always had in the cinema world. Bertolucci, who began taking his way after he was assistant intimju friend & # 39; Pasolini father, made in 1970 & # 39; The Conformista & # 39; was able to draw attention to & # 39 ;. The subject of fascism & # 39; The Conformista & # 39; its success led to Bertolucci made a name for himself in France, type & # 39; Center for European cinema.

The Konformista

Bernardo Bertolucci, director small influenced by New Wave & # 39; The Conformista & # 39; then another film in & # 39; Paris, preparing to leave a mark on the world cinema. Marlon Brando, one of the biggest players in the world "Last Tango in & # 39; Paris'Due scenes and its oxxenini subject, has been censored or banned in & # 39; many countries. However, the film is probably one of cinema masterpieces.

Bernardo Bertolucci, who produced films in & # 39; different parts of the world, "Last Tango in & # 39; Paris' Then returned to Italy and made another great film with stars. Starring Robert de Niro and Gerard Depardieu "1900"It was an epic production has issued light on the recent history of Italy.

Last Tango in & # 39; Paris

All his other project, that Bertolucci set in & # 39; inevitable place in film history, was the trilogy that took place in almost every filmography of & # 39; master director. respectively "The Last Emperor", "The Tea in the desert" and "Little Buddha" Bernardo Bertolucci, who brought to the silver screen, introduced the local code & # 39; geography from Morocco to China.

"Beauty stolen" and other star Bertolucci presented us with reputation & # 39; Liv Tyler was without a doubt Eva Green. "The Dreamers" Bertolucci again & # 39; & # 39 back in; a story about Paris in May 1968, the most turbulent period of the city. The film, passing through the lives of & # 39; 68 movement living in & # 39; & # 39 famil not intellectual; American student taken from two brothers caught wind of the French New Wave and rock music, took place among the inolavigabbli movies.

Bernardo Bertolucci, who reminded the style of Italian life, Paris, rock music, relationships between men and women and the fever of my early years, was one of the directors of the most desirable authors. It makes sounds like a cliché, but no: I'm really going to live inside …

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