Saturday , July 24 2021

«Du» join a global coalition to explore the «outlook Block Qin»

F & # 39; compliance with its efforts to support the digital strategy of the UAE in 2021, du, a subsidiary of Integrated Emirates Telecommunications Company (EITC), is planning to join the global group & # 39; telecom companies to study technology Block Chin, a consortium of & # 39; global multinational communications companies to explore opportunities and Qin Block capabilities as well as ways to develop and apply the latest innovations and adoption of & # 39; this technology globally.

By joining & # 39; this group, du is playing a pivotal role in the development and use of & # 39; Block-based services such CCPS chin, system & # 39; global payment based on technology & # 39; Chen developed by TBCASoft Block Solutions based on technology-based Block Qin, who is also a founding member of the global group & # 39; telecom companies to study the chin Block technology.

"Many countries and cities around the world are realizing the advantages of the technology Block Qin, especially with regard to improving & # 39; the transaction efficiency for both individuals as well as organizations, as well safety and speed of delivery, "said Osman Sultan, CEO & # 39; Emirates Integrated Telecommunications.

"As the business sector in the UAE continues to grow and expand, we believe that exploring the possibilities and opportunities offered by this technology is essential to keep up with & # 39; new requirements in the digital age. "

"As part of our efforts to support the digital business strategy UAE and Dubai, will have the opportunity to share ideas with leaders of industry and leaders of the industry on how to apply this technology. That continue to work and cooperate with all parties to achieve digital future based on solid foundations & # 39; solutions and technologies ».

"The group is steadily gaining virtue momentum & # 39; of its members efforts to develop and adopt & # 39; platform & # 39; payment solutions through & # 39; vector & # 39; service not dependent on coded coins, but they are based, "said Ling Wu, founder and CEO & # 39; TBCASoft, Block Technical Qin. We are happy to du, the leading provider of telecommunication services & # 39; UAE, joined the group. "

Does the & # 39; CCPS payment systems are among the most important solutions developed by TBCASoft to provide advanced solutions that help improve and simplify payments and the system & # 39; smooth transfer to users via portfolio of mobile payments.

These regulations enable customers to make immediate transfers UAE central authority or worry about manipulation, even for external payments. This will also contribute to reducing the cost of fees in the payment chain operations.

By combining the most rapidly growing bloc in the world & # 39; Block chin, Du is part of a secure global platform and & # 39; high performance to enable telecommunications companies to discuss the latest developments in technology and how to integrate them in the system & # 39; global communications. The position of the UAE as a regional and global center for new technologies and innovation.

As one of the first companies that have developed and implement solutions Block Qin in the UAE, du will guide expertise and its capacity to collaborate with members of the group in discussing & # 39; various aspects of technology .


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