Wednesday , March 22 2023

General Atlantic invests $ 120 million in & # 39; Property Fund & # 39; Dubai


Dubai-based Property Developers Dubai Properties announced today that it secured $ 120 million from a group & # 39; investors led by General Atlantic, a leading Company & # 39; & # 39 private investment; private equity. The tour was attended by the current shareholder & # 39; PropertyFounder, a company called New Vostok Ventures Ltd.

According to a press release, PropertyFire planning to spend part of its capital by continuing to implement its strategy to develop innovative products that seek greater transparency and efficient data, as well as enhanced visitor experience.

Since its launch in 2007, PropertyFinance been positioning itself as the leading company in the real estate advertising in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon b & # 39; growing market share in Egypt , Turkey. The company's website attracts about 6 million visits and facilitate the delivery of & # 39; more than 800,000 questions from its guests to its customers. The company employs approximately 450 employees in eight countries

Michael Lehan, the founder and CEO of PropertyFinder, said: "We are pleased with our exceptional success of the launch of & # 39; PropertyFinance 11 years ago and we are proud to have inherited capital from leading companies & # 39 ; investment and B & # 39; in general, the Atlantic general, which has strong experience & # 39; investment in & # 39; leading companies global technology and is a milestone for the company, the technology sector and entrepreneurs in the region with & # 39; generally and will help us achieve our goal to provide greater transparency and rich content Informative For six million our visitors per month, as well as to provide the best possible level & # 39 ; access to potential buyers and market data for realtors and developers, and forward looking & # 39; ahead to the next phase of our business growth. it will not do its best to improve on the main platform our. It enriches the Experience its user base & # 39; buyers, tenants and property buyers. "

B & # 39; experience & # 39; 38 years, General Atlantic has supported and promoted the growth in business & # 39; four & # 39; sectors, including consumer services, financial services, health care and technology, to become leaders. The company has assets under management & # 39; USD 28 billion on 30 & # 39; June 2018.

"B & # 39; focus on building & # 39; developer & # 39; real estate & # 39; world class, PropertyFinance contributing to the growth and development of the real estate sector in the region "said Chris Kolk, Director and Chief Technology Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa at & # 39; General Atlantic. To collaborate with the management team at the company & # 39; this important stage of its growth. "

Chris Kolk will join the board of directors as part of this investment. The TAB Consultants have PropertyFinder adviser to complete the round & # 39; investment.

PropertyFinder is the main portal of real estate classified advertising in the Middle East and Africa region & # 39; America. Its operations cover the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey. The company offers the best and easiest experience & # 39; search the house in the region, and allows real estate professionals to put ads on their platforms. Prophety Finder is the main destination for buyers, sellers, renters or property buyers. The company attracts more than 6 million hits a & # 39; monthly by & # 39; mobile phone applications and websites. Learn more about PropertyFinder.

Founded in 1980, General Atlantic is today the world leader in investing in & # 39; & # 39 stocks with; potential & # 39; strong growth. Its business involves the provision of & # 39; capital and strategic support to these companies. The company adopts a comprehensive approach based on cooperation, expertise, long-term investment and in-depth knowledge & # 39; growth engines, to work together with & # 39; entrepreneurs and & # 39; management teams to set up companies and projects & # 39; high growth worldwide. The company has more than 130 professional & # 39; investment in New York, Amsterdam, Beijing, Greenwich, Hong Kong, London, City of Mexico, Mumbai, Munich, Palo Alto, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. For more information about General Atlantic,


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