Thursday , August 5 2021

Newspaper Al-ITTIHAD – Cross "Interior Takaful" and the University & # 39; Abu Dhabi within the "Fazah" program


United Arab Emirates



The Fund of Social Solidarity for employees of the Ministry of Interior and the University of Abu Dhabi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide exclusive services and benefits to employees of both institutions in the program "Fawza".

The MoU was signed by the Ministry & # 39; Affairs, the Attorney Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Buharun, Director General of the Fund & # 39; Social Solidarity Ministry for Employees and the Managing Director & # 39; Fazah, and University & # 39; Abu Dhabi by Dr. Wakar Ahmed,

Under the MoU, the VFAHA program, one fund initiatives & # 39; social solidarity to the employees of the Ministry of Interior, will be provided to the employees of the University & # 39; Abu Dhabi while the University will offer discounts and privileges to holders of tickets.

In addition, members of the Fazah will be given the opportunity to pay installments in all branches & # 39; University in & # 39; Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and its academic center in the region. Al Dhafra, b & # 39; support for the concept of & # 39; social and economic solidarity among members of society.

Colonel Mohammed Ahmid Buharoun said that the partnership & # 39; FAZA & # 39; & # 39 with a; leading academic institution such as the University & # 39; Abu Dhabi comes from our belief that support the process & # 39; higher education and all those who contribute to the building & # 39; educated and enlightened generation to bring back the beautiful to the country. "We are keen to provide the best services to acquire and consolidate the concept of & # 39; joy and positive in life & # 39; individual.

Dr. Wakar Ahmed expressed his joy in partnership between the University & # 39; Abu Dhabi and Takaful Fund, stressing the ability of & # 39; the University provides its academic programs to the Ministry employees and encourages them to continue their academic career and provide educational degrees from one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized universities in the region.

University & # 39; Abu Dhabi is keen to ensure that academic programs and its scientific and community initiatives in line with the visions and wise leadership aspirations and goals & # 39; the national agenda, since won several prestigious international accreditations and rankings, and strengthened partnerships and productive cooperation.

Source: WAM

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