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Paintings and songs to celebrate National Day

Here are the details of news and songs and posters to celebrate National Day

Hamdy Mohamed Shaker

Number & # 39; Arab and Arab artists living in the EGħGħ functioning to finalize their songs in celebration of the Seventh & # 39; National Day. B & # 39; look at the singers names who are preparing for their work during this period and details & # 39; those songs, poet of the homeland ".
Al Khawar finished writing the lyrics & # 39; operetta "Al-Kayed Al Mafnoud – Damak Ezzak Ya Bou Rashed", composed of Adel Abdullah. Together as Fayez Al-Saeed, Hazza Al-Rais, Ayram, Faisal Al-Jassim, Adel Abdullah, Mazna Dibba Al Ameri and Military Group. The most popular were 8 pieces & # 39; pieces and theatrical songs and dramatic than Salehah Gabesh, starring Abdullah Saleh, composed Dina Saad, led by Mohammed Bakr, starring Al Shala and Ala & # 39; Abdullah zi Al Ma & # 39 , Amari and Hassan Ali.
Al Khawar said: "We prepare for a big ceremony in the city & # 39; Ras Al Khaimah, to be presented by Hussein Al Jasmin and Wa & # 39; but shall Al Manhali., And" Children of the homeland "made by Adel Abdullah and singing group.

Adel completing his latest songs, "The Senior Country", and representing them in the way & # 39; "Al-Diwi 'with & # 39; Omar Al-Masaoud, one of his songs, and the words & # 39; Mohammed Abdullah Al-Rais.
Faisal Jassim Al Operett ( "Zayed Approach"), with the participation of & # 39; & # 39 group; artists, as well as other ceremony at & # 39; Khorfakkan and f & # 39; an Arab.
Al Zahra Mazmi return to the poetic scene through national songs his most recent "Watna Al Ghali", which was composed and produced by singer Ali Al-Arab Qasili.
The artist Ayman Rahal: I was brought these national working days in the Palestinian dialect, have changed in a few days, and we have stabbilixxejtx f & # 39; specifically name the & # 39; now, and total song is a narration of features of the UAE we have always done in peace and stability.
The Abdullah Rajab artist finished two songs from his song, on the occasion of Martyrs Day and the National Day, the first "UAE Army", the words & # 39; Al Badr and the second "Raised the Head "by Nasser Bin Mitref.

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