Tuesday , September 27 2022

The artificial intelligence change the future government


The annual meetings of the UAE government highlighted the role of & # 39; artificial intelligence to change in the future & # 39; session & # 39; understanding where Gerard Leonard, prospector and future CEO & # 39; The Future Age International, attended by selecting & # 39; government officials in & # 39; federal and local levels.

"The Our world changed in the next 20 years with & # 39; comparable pace with & # 39; what we have seen over the last 300 years, but the future will be better than we think if iddiżinnaha wisely", Leonard said.

"The smart meters and smart grid devices will revolutionize our society and the nature of the market working with & # 39; applications & # 39; artificial intelligence, algorithms, big data and advanced devices" .

"The data revolution of our time is similar to the revolution discovery and extraction of oil seen dozens of & # 39; years ago, and the role of & # 39; artificial intelligence is less important of revolution invention of electricity in & # 39; that era. " The artificial intelligence is defined as computer systems to transform information and data in & # 39; awareness, Automated is the computer development and gives them the ability to learn and discover without pre-programmed x & # 39; to make.

He emphasized that the companies around the world can use & # 39; artificial intelligence techniques in developing & # 39; solutions and technological solutions & # 39; information for technical problems and reduce administrative work loads and automation & # 39; operations and predict future consumer trends and development of social media performance and control of the media and comments of users and launch promotions and others. But he pointed out that intelligent machines m & # 39; should be given the ability to develop their abilities seriously, given the recent dramatic developments.

He referred to the relationship between smart technology and human features such as listening, learning, speaking, thinking, emotions, feelings, ethics, values, imagination and creativity, which can give priority to robots and the ability to excel. He stressed that we invest in humanity as much as we plan to invest in technology.

He said many jobs and simple jobs can be converted to & # 39; artificial intelligence techniques, while functions that can not be digitized will undoubtedly be more important under the balance equation between humanity and values , creativity and imagination and the science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Leonard said that 80% of new jobs we will see in 2030 have not yet been invented, and only 5% of the functions of & # 39; all routine can be automated. "The future is not only a framework & # 39; time, but mentality and methodology & # 39; thinking that is very different from our present reality", he said.

The annual meetings of the UAE government, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler & # 39; Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Colonel Prince & # 39; Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the UAE, His aim is to bring the government action as a single system at the federal and local levels and discuss issues & # 39; All development at in the presence of government officials and to take all decisions to develop the vision of the development of the country until a hundred years of the UAE.

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