Thursday , October 6 2022

The secret fraternity organization after «Demonstrations & # 39; France»


Number & # 39; experts and specialists in the affairs of Islamic movements accused the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they described as "weak" by participating in the demonstrations that have been incurred France for days.

The experts compared the events & # 39; Paris and now the same in Cairo seven & # 39; years ago, specifically during the revolution of 25 & # 39; & # 39 in January 2011; terms & # 39; chaos, which turned the country in Egypt and subsequent security and sabotage in & # 39; public and private institutions, and remarked that "Paris going by confirms the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood and other branches & # 39; political Islam in demonstrations & # 39; France now ».

Dr. Mohamed Habib, former leader of the Muslim brotherhoods, said: "The similarity between the events in Cairo and Paris is very intense, which leads us to meditate and stop analyzing the issue. B & # 39; generally, we say that the Islamists have income from both near and as & # 39; information should be investigated thoroughly to find out who is behind the demonstrations, which are very similar to what happened here in the Revolution & # 39; in January. "

"France has its own brothers and has a large number of & # 39; Muslims, estimated at six million years ago by people & # 39; nationalities belonging to various Islamic movements, so the subject needs careful monitoring to the movement, which is purely operation & # 39; intelligence ", said Habib.

As the deputy head of & # 39; political apparatus & # 39; the International Organization of the Muslim Designating, Habib said that "the international organization still exists, including 8 of the brothers & # 39; Egypt and the rest of all countries", noting that "this -Organisations operating under & # 39; secret way and take general decisions, while the internal positions of the group carried out by the country itself brothers ».

The former head of the Fraternity said: "The Muslim Brotherhood used to reduce horizons and running out of people, which drew indecent for people's conditions and nations, leaving major problems and disasters of all, because they resisted rule in Egypt without any knowledge. Location.

For his part, Nabil Naeem, a specialist in Islamic movements, said that "the Brotherhood is undoubtedly involved in the demonstrations in France, and the way they conducted demonstrations is based on the standing of brotherhood behind. " He added: "Do not forget that there are Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan belonging to the Confraternity living relics. France, and of course are involved in violent events & # 39; Paris, which demonstrate the style and ideas."

"The US is using the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the president & # 39; France, in response to the announcement of its desire to form a unified European army to face the Atlantic Party after the declaration & # 39 ; Trump that Europe will pay the price to protect it, »,

Adding that "the group is a puppet in the hands of & # 39; American move however they want and b & # 39; any way without suffering the least", as put.

Kamal Habib, an expert in the work of Islamic groups, said that "the French societies may be added at any time and when this happens, the events grow. Small is too much to protest the increase in fuel taxes until widen & # 39; gradually. "

Habib does not exclude 'organizations play a role in & # 39; these events ", but believes that" initially b & # 39; purely French hands without interference from anyone ".

The capital French Paris ago show demonstrations and disturbances in & # 39; the past like days for many events in the revolutions and protests nxew world, especially from the outbreak & # 39; the Arab Spring in 2011, where protesters oppose taxes launched by «Macaron» last year on fuel «», to writ to use environmentally less harmful means of transport.

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