Sunday , June 4 2023

The series 'Nawara' most follow & # 39; technical programs on the first channel and "love to Mei" mastered programs "Dozim"


The most recent figures in Moroccan TV programs show that "Nawara" series, aired on the first channel in two, is the most updated Moroccan technical program, followed by the "Lozien" to demonstrate every Friday a & # 39; Wednesday.

The Nawara series, written by Ahmed Bouarwa, Jamila El Borg, Mohamed N & # 39; Djdi and led by Jamila Bourji Benaissa, received nearly 4 million direct view, and gained 26 percent of the first watch quota channel , which led the company national radio and television in & # 39; drammika storyline.

On the other hand, the "girlfriend Me" program by the director Jamila heap Benaissa earned rate & # 39; high observation on the hotline and reached 7 million from its initial view, which led it to dominate the social programs in the second channel "Dozim", immediately after the Turkish productions remain at the forefront, the only social TV currently on TV every week.

The program brings to love & # 39; my mother's real stories of our society, that mothers and their mothers are concerned with & # 39; situations and different circumstances in paradoxes, their motives and causes, which combine in one sacrament children children and continued pursuit of & # 39; mothers as incubators and lovers.

Thanks for reading the news about the "Nawara", the most technical programs followed on Channel 1 and "love to Mei" controlled the "Dozim" programs on the Gulf 365 and noted that the subject matter was written two days and could & # 39; it was transmitted or all quoted and you & # 39; read and follow the We are not responsible for the content & # 39; this news and best wishes for a Happy Day.

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