Sunday , May 28 2023

Apple has accidentally revealed the main features of the iPhone in 2019


The Patent Office and the US Trademark Office published a description of the invention & # 39; Apple under the name "Surface Treatment". The patent deals with a modified design of the back panel, the new model & # 39; the iPhone will receive. Now we have the first details about the new iPhone, whose release is expected in & # 39; October 2019.

According to the description, a special panel with small grooves that capture and reflect the light placed under the cover of & # 39; rear glass. Thus, the color of the device by changing the angle of the sun's rays. Quite unusual decision non-Apple Corporation. Now m & # 39; have to face & # 39; & # 39 new colors; smartphones, because instead the company will make the sun.

Currently, this solution is already used by some Chinese manufacturers, such as Huawei and Xiaomin, the public liked with unusual color of their equipment. Hopefully, this does not affect the price without this iPhone very expensive, costing even $ 900 for "state employee". Apparently, Apple will use the invention described in the patent for the successor to the iPhone XR.

Recall that previous years, Nokia had planned to get a single pill that would become the main competitor of iPad & # 39; Apple. But something went wrong, and the only Android tablet never showed up on the shelves. However, the video appeared on the network & # 39; this device b & # 39; his health. of & # 39; previously reported that the head of & # 39; Apple, which has been engaged in developing & # 39; the Siri voice assistant, told him why this assistant will remain & # 39; useless. Doug Kittlaus is sure that due to the fact that the Apple Corporation does not allow third-party developers interfere with the work of & # 39; Siri, this project is doomed to failure. wrote that LG wants to take the initiative not only in the TV market and monitoring, but also in the smartphone market. The company has built various types & # 39; flexible smartphones. However, this does not mean that will appear on the shelves. It is not a secret that the majority of smartphone manufacturers have started to develop their own flexible devices will appear on shelves in 2019.

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