Thursday , September 16 2021

Dawa “married” with beauty from TikTok

True, this “wedding” ended with dancing.

David Manukyan is back in the groom’s image. Photo:

Olga Buzovoy’s ex-groom David Manukyan tried on the image of the newlywed and recovered to “marry” a beautiful woman in a white dress. On July 18, she posted on Instagram several funny videos with TikTok dancers and blogger Elizaveta Lukasheva.

“You can’t imagine what Liza and I filmed! We have gorgeous vidos, guys! “- Dava announced in Stories, standing next to his new partner.

“Generally, we will get married,” the girl added, pointing to the ring on her finger.

True, in the final video, the couple dressed formally did not go to the registry office, but danced loudly halfway to the famous song I Like to Move It.

By the way, by advertising to his beautiful friend, Dava made a few mistakes and instead of the girl’s current account pointed to her old page on Instagram. Although it is forgiven – everyone knows that the excitement on the wedding day is simply out of scale.

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